Pregnant TV meteorologist calls out online bullies after they attack her appearance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia —  A television meteorologist has gone public with the barrage of hate mail she received after her baby bump started to show on air.

Kristi Gordon of Global BC read some of the offensive emails, tweets and Facebook posts on television as her co-hosts crumpled each of them up.

Gordon wrote:

No matter how rational or confident you are, the mean things people say can have an impact. The negative thoughts seep in when you don’t even realize it. Even a little joking comment could do some damage. Hopefully this can help us all be more aware of our impact on others.

Gordon wrote extensively about the experience on her station’s website.

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  • Jk

    I’m so sick of people being mean and rude. Why would you feel the need to say those things. She is beautiful pregnant and not pregnant, it’s sad that people have this urge to be so anonymous and horrible.

  • Rick Foster

    I have never seen her before finding this link on Facebook. I don’t care if she is pregnant, big,small, black, white or anything else. If people do not like the way she or someone else looks, turn the channel or skip the link.

  • renee nelson

    omgggggggg.. is this real. ? who would say such ughly things.?please don’t cry .. or be upset…good luck with your child. i live in the northern part of alabama i don;t see your news. you all are very nice it seems…Renee Nelson

  • MO

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and this lady is beautiful, and obviously high class with her attitude after comments made by idiots!

  • Rht

    In this day of people hiding behind their keyboards or phones….the best thing we can do about these type of attacks is to NOT GIVE THEM any airplay. These are immature (probably very young) bullies and based on their lack of being able to spell Global says a lot of their intelligence level.

  • Mike LaMantia

    I would not have wasted any air time on those idiots. Haters, just keep sitting in mama’s basement with your BIG bag of Doritos, and waste your life away on the PC. By the way, the lady who is pregnant is absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Sue

    I am so sorry that ignorant people are sending you letters like that. It is very hateful and mean. You are quite beautiful and accomplished. They are obviously jealous. Dont let it affect you. You are beautiful!

  • Erin D

    Where do these people get off?? She is a beautiful pregnant woman who is dressing very appropriately. I just gave birth to my second baby 2 months ago and can sympathize with being body conscious, so to hear someone attack another lady makes me mad. Maternity style now is body hugging to show off that awesome bump! Your child will love watching video of you on tv knowing that is him/her in there. Nothing is going to appease a “hater”.

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