Mom urges Arlington Heights school district to ban peanuts

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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — A mother in Arlington Heights is calling for an all-out ban of peanuts at her child’s school.

The woman’s daughter is allergic to peanuts, and had to be rushed to a hospital after suffering an anaphylactic reaction at Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary School.

Earlier this month, the mother urged the Arlington Heights District 25 school board to make it a peanut-free school.

The district has not made a decision on the issue.

For now, the woman’s daughter eats her lunch alone in the school’s front office.

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  • nenamatahari

    I think there SHOULD be peanut free zones. These allergies are DANGEROUS. And for you to boo hoo about PC and “special snowflakes” SHAME ON YOU! If it was YOUR DAMNED CHILD THAT HAD THAT DEADLY ALLERGY, you would be singing a different tune! The lack of empathy in the United States is appalling, Nobody here cares for the common good.

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