Oklahoma student who led racist chant speaks out

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A former University of Oklahoma fraternity member caught on video leading a racist chant says he's deeply sorry for his role in the incident and "upset and embarrassed" that he failed to stop it.

Surrounded by several black leaders, Levi Pettit publicly apologized Wednesday during a brief news conference. It followed a meeting he had at an Oklahoma City Baptist church with civil rights activists, pastors and elected officials.

Pettit answered a few questions from reporters but declined to say who taught him the chant or where he learned it.

Pettit and several other members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at OU were caught on video engaging in the chant that referenced lynching and used a racial slur to describe how African-Americans would never become members.



  • Ron Melancon

    This guy is a jerk and you cannot apologize when you chant what is your belief. This person has lived believing this almost all his life and in less than one week youndontbwake up and say sorry. He has to walk the walk before we accept his apology

    • manic_malcontent

      Gee Ron,
      When I was in school ,we studied the Constitution and pre-WWII. Germany But my teachers failed to tell me about card carrying P.C brigade members like yourself that exist in this country. . I won’t accept this man apology because he doesn’t owe me one. I want to live in a society where the thought police only exist in literature.


    Black people from the everyday Joe to celebrities, call themselves that all the time. How about this, if you don’t like the word, stop saying it in movies, songs, normal conversation. That is all you hear in rap songs or ghetto movies. Why wouldn’t people think it is ok to talk like that when that is how black people talk to and about themselves?

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