Chicago Scene: Tweeting in the classroom

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Michele Giovannelli
Arnett C. Lines Elementary School


Tweeting Benefits:

Students get their thoughts and questions out into the world, and there is an audience who wants to hear from them.

Empowering to the kids to be able to reflect on their week in a 140 character summary. Something tangible that they can say - “I did that”.

Outreach to organizations, famous people, museums, etc. to source information for research.

Parent communication. All parents know what is going on in our classroom, no matter if they are at home, traveling, or living in another place - they all feel connected to what their kids are doing.

Encouragement and networking with classrooms from all over the world. A class in Washington State saw a tweet on MLK, Jr. and reached out to invite us to view and comment on their blogs. This started a back and forth dialogue.