Girl arrested after brutal fight video goes viral

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Police have arrested a girl they believe is seen brutally beating another girl and her brother in a fight video that has gone viral.

The video appears to show a girl viciously beating another girl and her younger brother in a park in Indianapolis. Police believe the girls knew each other from high school. Officials from Indianapolis Public Schools told WXIN the girl was not a George Washington or IPS student.

Police made the arrest on Sunday, but names are not being released because everyone involved is underage.

Rev. Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition, an organization aimed at reducing violence, said he could only watch the video once.

"This is glamorized, this is glorified, this brings them ‘street cred,’ this brings them notoriety, ya know? She’s tough, she’s going to beat somebody up," Harrison told WXIN. "It’s almost like they plan these fights, they want these fights to be on tape where they can put it on social media. This is horrible."


  • Shirley Armstrong

    Glad she got arrested she is an animal attacking someone and beating her up and a little boy she must be charged with a hate crime and justice will be served everyday I worry my grandkids are bi racial if anyone ever treats them with disrespect or hurt them ..charges would be filed and hope that justice would be served that was disgusting and those that were standing around laughing should be ashamed!!

  • Ashley

    I absolutely love all these idiots cool kids putting all this stuff on video because finally they actually learn that they can and should have to be accountable for their actions. same goes for all those people being racist and getting caught on camera now. you might complain about new technology and this overloaded media age but this is the first time in history that people have to be accountable for what they do and say.

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