Drivers want recall; Nissan says no

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CHICAGO — Some Nissan drivers say their cars have a safety defect and want a recall, but their auto manufacturer doesn’t see it that way.

Nissan has admitted a problem with the steering lock on some 2009 Altima and Maxima models.  It locks when the car is parked to help prevent theft, but in hundreds of cases, it has malfunctioned preventing the engine from starting.

Drivers say they want a recall so others aren’t stranded out in the cold or in a bad neighborhood. They say it’s a safety issue.

However, Nissan says it is not a safety defect, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says since the issue involves a parked car, it is not viewed as an unreasonable risk to safety -- and that’s the legal standard it has to meet before issuing a recall.

One Chicago man is pursuing a class action lawsuit to try and force a recall.