Girl scores possibly the greatest Blackhawks goal ever in team’s latest ‘What’s Your Goal’ video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks continue to roll out some truly great stories with their #WhatsYourGoal campaign.

A few weeks ago we met Alexis and her shrewd Girl Scout Cookies selling skills were no match for Jonathan Toews.

Now, it’s Cammy’s turn.

Cammy was born unable to walk or speak. But she sure can smile. And she flashed that grin up and down the rink with Duncan Keith.

Cammy’s goal was to score a goal with the help of her favorite player, Keith.

Keith took Cammy on the ice and helped her reach her goal.

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  • Martyann

    Way to go Duncan , That’s a good Dad showing through Eh? Got to love how easy you warmed that little sweetie up!

  • Dan

    That was some next level amazing right there! It seems like every time you’re read the news it’s all bad. But then you get a story like this at restores your faith in humanity! You’re the man Keith! Go Blackhawks!!!!!

  • Lisa Detweiler

    If we were not already a HUGE Blackhawks fan, I certainly would be now. Incidentally, my daughter Lily has Rett Syndrome as well which randomly strikes 1:10,000 girls. The generosity and kindness of this video left me with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks! Are girls are IN there and they have interests, likes and dislikes just like everyone else! THANK YOU Duncan Keith!! GO Hawks!

  • Darin

    Total class act! Duncan Keith is a great human being and I am now a fan. I think some of the athletes in other sports could learn a few things about humility from the NHL stars!

  • Randy Geene

    Some guys will do this sort of thing because the team policy said that they had to. Not Duncan. His expressions, his compassion and his true character came through. Well done Duncan, well done! it takes so little and means so much.