Little girl battles cancer and – the homeowner’s association

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RAYMORE, MO — In her six years, Ella Schultz has already had to battle a lot.

The Kansas 6-year-old was diagnosed with cancer and has been receiving treatment.

But, as KCTV reports, Ella and her family are also battling more than just cancer. They are battling their homeowners association that has rejected her Make-A-Wish dream.

Ella’s No. 1 wish is to beat her cancer and stop chemotherapy. But her mother, Jennifer, asked her what she would want beyond that.

Ella said she would wish for a playhouse.

So the family worked with Make-A-Wish and the dream was granted. A construction company even agreed to build it in the family’s backyard.  The company went so far as to ensure the shingles matched those used on homes in the neighborhood.

The family then got a call that their homeowners associated rejected the plans.

HOA leaders said building a structure in the backyard would go against the neighborhood’s covenants, KCTV reports.

Jennifer said she doesn’t want to stir trouble in her neighborhood, but she said not granting her daughter’s wish doesn’t seem right.

“What would any of them do if it was their kid? Would you make sure that their child got a wish because we don’t know if we have one more day or a lifetime with her,” she said.

KCTV attempted to contact the association.  The board president said she didn’t want to comment until the board had a chance to again discuss the issue.

The Schultz family said they appreciate the support  they have received, and are hoping that the homeowners association members will change their minds.

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  • Lynn Theresa

    What a cruel group of people! So what if it is in their covenants, they can always make an exception. I hope that they have a change of heart. I think if I were that family, I would move.

  • Lynn Ruby

    not the best decision they ever made for certain… but if you think about it you can understand it… sort of… if they allow this then what do they do when someone builds an eyesore… but if they were smart they would draft a one time dispensation clause in their covenants allowing for this to be built and remain during the little girls lifetime and then removed when she is gone. Simple common sense… although apparently HOA’s are capable of neither simplicity nor common sense

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