Former employee put fetus remains in ceiling of Gary funeral home: spokesman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GARY, Ind. -- A spokesman for the Gary funeral home where the remains of two fetuses were found in a ceiling says the fetuses were unclaimed at the funeral home for nearly 20 years and were properly stored and secured until September of last year, when an employee removed the remains from a locked cabinet and took them to the ceiling area.

That employee has since been fired and the person's alleged motive is not known.

Spokesman Sean Howard told reporters at a news conference this morning that the remains were in the ceiling at the Smith, Bizzell and Warner and Son Funeral Home for less than one day.

The Lake County Coroner was called to the funeral home Wednesday to take possession of the remains. Autopsies are being performed today.

One fetus was a boy with a hospital bracelet indicating he was born March 23, 1996. There was no identification with the other fetus.  It is suspected they were either stillborn or died soon after birth.

The coroner's office is now tracking records at Methodist Hospital, as well as Mercy Hospital in Gary which closed during the 1990s.

No foul play is suspected in the babies’ deaths and the funeral home operators are cooperating with police in the investigation.

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  • Ashley

    This us truly ashamed leaving a baby I’m the ceiling baby in the ceiling if a funeral id’s NOT CONSIDERED a proper burial.. People need to really come forward

  • Jess Saiyan

    Interesting considering it’s the “Golden Rule Funeral Home” according to their sign in the picture.
    Where you are treated how you’d like to be treated!

  • nbl

    Here is it, How were they found, and how were they supposed to be buried, were they to be cremated or were they buried supposedly. I find it “funny” (not really) but odd that all of a sudden these two were found after all this time, was there a anonymous phone call made to someone to go and look up in the ceiling and these two were found. There is a lot of detail not being told here, if it was as the news said a dismissed employee you can bet they have hung them self because i bet they made the call or left a note or did what ever because they didn’t think everything thru, people and what they will go to just to try and get back at someone is sad, but that is the society we live in today. What is worse is people now will jump to conclusions and take it out on this business and the owners didn’t know anything about it most likely they trusted the employee to do the job and now you see what were it has landed them. As i said a hundred times sometimes it is easier to just do things yourself that way you know it is done right, and then if something goes wrong or someone wants to blame or say anything the bucks stops with you instead of your employees doing the work and you getting chewed on for something knew nothing about because you thought everything was done correctly because you trusted them and they had handled everything as it should of been. So until all the facts are out i just hope everyone gives these people and this funeral a chance because it is never easy and not good when you have a disgruntled employee that either has done something because they were being let go or because they are bi-polar and off their meds or something (you never know these) it is just a society we live in. It is just sad that these infants were not taken care of like they deserved yet at least now they will be and will be given a proper burial however the family wished it at the time. I hope that everyone will just wait to cast judgement until all the facts are out and remember everyone has had those type of people in their lives that have tried to screw things up to make you look bad just to get back at you because they had an axe to grind.

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