Naperville police station becomes ‘safe haven’ for Craigslist sales

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — People using Craigslist to buy and sell items can now use the Naperville Police Department as a meet up location.

The Naperville Police Department announced Monday it will let buyers and sellers use their lobby as a “safe haven” to complete a transaction.

Police department employees won’t be used to supervise or complete a sale.

The department does hope this will help cut down on crimes and scams targeting Craigslist users.

Last month, the Peoria Police Department announced that residents could use the department parking lot and the lobby for online transactions.

It’s a trend that police departments are trying across the country in an effort to deter robberies and other crimes against internet buyers and sellers.

Officials from Craigslist have not commented on the “safe zones” but the web site features a personal safety page suggesting users meet in a public place, tell a family member where they are going and take a cellphone.

The page also mentions that the “overwhelming majority of Craigslist users are trustworthy and well-intentioned,” and that violent crime is low.

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  • Laura

    I tried this last week…after the buyer and I picked a time for him to pickup I stated for safety reasons I would like to meet at the Elmwood Park Police station parking lot-and as soon as I said they this, they suddenly within minutes were no longer interested. Coincidence? Hmm. Be careful everyone!

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