Wrigley rehab delayed again; a look inside the renovations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs are still far from completing even the first of the four phases of renovations for Wrigley Field.

The left and center field bleachers won't be ready until mid-May; the right field bleachers are now scheduled to open in June. The video board in left should ready by Opening Day.

Since construction started at the end of last season this is first time we have really seen the inside of the ballpark.

Crews have gutted the concourses and replaced support beams, and the plan is to move those movable concession and beer stands that once crowded the concourse into the stadium itself -- and out of people's way trying to move around the stadium.

The work will continue throughout the season, and in order to make up for lost time, the Cubs plan on asking the city to work longer hours -- which means people living near the park will hear Wrigley renovation being done throughout the night.

The Cubs still need the city's approval before anyone starts working overtime.

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1 Comment

  • Jon dodds

    I have been a @Cubs fan most of my life. I married my wife in 2004 and in that year my wife and I joined the the Season Ticket Holder(STH) waiting list. Eight or so years later the email came we can now become STH’s for our beloved Cubs. I had always wanted Bleacher season tickets but was never aware they were even an option, once I knew, I jumped at the opportunity. The main reason I wanted to be a #STH was because I wanted to be able to get a ticket to Opening Day and playoff games because I had always been shut out in the past. Tickets were always available for ubsurb prices through scalpers or the Cubs very own ticket scalping service Wrigley Field Premium Tickets.

    My Season ticket holder experience began to nose dive at the 2015 Chicago Cubs convention. I expected an announcement of the bleachers not being ready at some point in time. However, I did not expect it to come just days after my final payment for my tickets was due. Next, I received an email informing me I could choose Credit, Refund, or relocate, if I choose to relocate I will have to pay more or get a refund based on tickets I select. I asked my Cubs reps and scowered the Internet for any information about what seats were available and I received/found nothing. I was asked to blindly purchase tickets without any knowledge of the financial impact it may or may not have on my family, so a business decision was made get the refund.

    I was furious at this point but the @Cubs calmed me with assurances of options for Bleachers season ticket holders as well as a practical guarantee that I would have tickets for opening day. March 3rd slowly approached with me in constant contact with my @Cubs representatives. Less than 12 hours away from the MasterCard presale I was told if I wanted to make sure I have tickets I would have to pay a 20% up charge,over already falsely inflated prices, if I wanted to have a seat for opening day. They concluded the email with if you want to “chance it” we could see what is still available for opening day when your special Bleacher season Ticket holder pre buy becomes available.

    Let’s be real here I am a #Cubs fan no matter what so I can’t miss out on the @Cubs being #MLB #OpeningNight. Unfortunately, at 8:01 am one minute after sales opening any decent ticket was already #SoldOut.

    Obviously #LetsGo apples to everyone but Budweiser Bleacher Season Ticket Holders