$1 million for best idea to combat youth violence

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — One million dollars is being offered for the best idea to combat youth violence in Chicago.

The University of Chicago crime lab is working with the MacArthur Foundation and Get In Chicago to find solutions for the complex issue.

Chicago has a higher percentage of young homicide victims than the national average.

The deadline for letters of interest are due on Monday.

The awards will be announced in May and could be up and running in Chicago by this summer.

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  • Observer

    Quit automatic payments for out-of-wedlock children.
    Reintroduce men back into the family.
    Reject the nastiness of rap so-called ‘music’.
    Teach youth that respect is earned through kindness and hard work.
    Make the family the core of youth life, not the street.

  • Ced Truz

    Legalize weed, restore the second amendment as it’s written in the constitution, close you civilian version of Gitmo, and most importantly, remove the democrats from office. Problem solved.

  • smitty

    Create jobs by lowering taxes, to allow businesses to expand hiring, trash Obama care and that will stimulate hiring this will help cut down on teen violence. Make check payable to SMITTY.

  • Rick Mance

    Move the youths out of the urban area for two years; sponsored by families in the US that can show them the skills they require to become successful.
    Let them learn those skills and they too, can be successful.

  • tomas lebron

    put cops on the beat to where they get to know the community and who lives there they will tell the police whats going on in their communityas they get to know and trust them

  • carol g

    I suggest to offer after school programs such as automotive, electronics, wood working, art, and pet therapy to keep youth violence down.

  • Jim Jones

    I invite you to join us and our kick off meeting:
    Turning boys into men Thursday, March 12 from 6:30 to 8:30
    1001 Nicholas Blvd. suite Elk Grove Village.
    Give me your name and I can put you on the list.
    This is a real program that will get real results that doesn’t cost the state a dollar but the prize money would help us

  • Karen Deering

    Would have been helpful to report that this is only for not for profits, not individuals.
    Request for Letters of Interest
    For this first phase of the competition, we are seeking
    three-page letters of interest (LOIs) from not-for-profit

    • Keith Haynes

      Hello Karen, are you affiliated with this program? If so, I would like to thank you for letting us know that this was intended for non-profit organizations only. But it should be opened to the general public because we are the ones living with the problem. We Know what is needed because we live with it every day. I have a sure fired plan that I know will get results. If you are interested please contact me.

  • armando matos

    Hi my name is Armando I am a father of 5 beautiful kids 3 girls, 2 boys .I am not a man of a lot of words but, I am a man with a lot of ideas.I like a lot of other parents understand it is not easy to race and in some circumstances to protect your kids here in the city of Chicago ,with all the violence there is.I came up with some ideas that might just work to protect our kids here in the city of Chicago.number one curfew needs to be implemented and or enforce: kids under the age of 16 years old need to be home by 9 p.m. after 9 p.m. Kids that are out in the streets you need to be with an adult. certain restrictions will apply under the circumstances.number 2 kids under the age of 18 are obligated to be at school on school days:kids under the age of 13 in the streets will need to be with an adult.kids over the age of 14 will need to have some type of documentation or letter from parents or doctors know the reason why he or she is not in school if they are not with an adult.under the same law parents will or can be ticketed for unexcusable absences.number 3 required all schools to have metal detector:bags book banks will need to be checked or transparent bookbags to be required.school outfit are to be required school outfit colors are to be determined by school shown to identify student.number 4 crew of three or more people are not allow to hang out on the corners:first offense warning will be given.second offense offender will be given a ticket. third offense will lead to suspension of ID or drivers license community service will be required.I am sure I haven’t came up with ideas that you guys haven’t already thought before.who likes changes who likes to follow rules who likes when new laws are implemented no one I know I don’t but these changes need to be done to keep our kids safe I hope it makes sense to you as my grammar is not the greatest.thank you so much for reading this and I hope that my ideas can be of great help to you guys. let’s help keep our kids safe.

  • linda tassone

    Get with a charity or church something postive volunteer to be of assistancemost charities even pay their volunteers .

  • Levern Anderson

    Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers make it your resolution not to buy drugs starting now! There would be no drug wars in neighborhoods, no transaction of money, no transaction of drugs. You never thought the next death would be your child, your love one, and perhaps even you could be the next fatality. If the drugs was not bought in the first place then there would be silence and nothing to fight over. This summer could be your families time to greave and beg the words “please just turn yourself in.” The million dollar answer to the question of the day is if you weren’t buying then there won’t be no dying.

  • Darryl Hennington

    Combating Youth Violence: — Recruit qualified volunteers to act as a mentor and/or father-figure to various youth throughout Chicago; promote and/or establish meaningful techniques or methods to repair the absence of the farther from the family; and, provide additional and equal education for all youth (e.g., all public schools should retain and offer the same curriculum as all prep-college or magnet schools.)



  • carlos alvarez

    make a faundation to collect money just to recompence any one that will help with some inf that can solve a crime like that people will be making phone calls more than ever, just imagen if the amount of cash is good people will even give up there family members

  • Deborah williams

    U asking the wrong ppl…u need to get into the schools. The hoods ..talk with parents n b ready to offers jobs….

  • Amed Muhammed-Clinton AKA Yajdi Worldwyde

    Greetings WGNTV.com
    In regards to the phenomenon of violence that permeates within communities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, etc… The solution is very complex and takes a great deal of leadership recruitment from current political and community leaders of those which have direct influence in those communities in particular. For the sake of brevity I will provide micro as well as macro solutions in bullet point format which will not only alleviate a great deal of violence in urban communities, but will also put many Americans back to work as well as rebuild our infra-structure.
    1. Political and community leaders in the Chicago area need to approach black on black violence the same way police brutality is approach by promoting the following:

    • Establish community marches for peace and safe communities when a black on black violence occurs- Not only when Blacks are killed by police.
    • Political and community leaders reach out to gang leaders of opposing and rival gangs to establish a truce under the banner of Young Lives Matter- Help facilitate gangs back to their original purpose which was to protect the communities they lived in from brutality and violence. Convert leaders in the communities (OG’s in the hood) to community liaisons for the local PD and local politicians.
    o Give them a wage
    o Hold bi weekly summits to address community issues
    o Increase Police presence
    o Truly create a partnership between local PD and local gang leaders
    • Fund early literacy centers for children and literacy centers for adults.
    • Establish a safe community curfew for children under the age of 18- Identify it as the Street Lights law- children under the age of 18 must not be out on the streets unless they are with a legal parent or guardian or must possess a College or work ID.
    • Invest in community centers to establish training in computer literacy and information systems.
    • Rebuild parks and invest in establishing more library and information centers in the worst parts of the neighborhoods.

    2. Reform the welfare system. Under the current system, generational dependency is often the result when young parents are privileged to receive medical, dental, food, and housing paid for by tax dollars for simply having children out of wedlock which further contributes to the breakdown of the family structure. The current system destroys ambition and focuses the urban populace on consumerism.

    • For those on welfare or receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children, establish mandatory training and a minimum work week of 20 hours working in our bureaucracy and rebuilding our infra- structure.
    • Establish mandatory parenting classes for young and expectant mothers as well as young fathers as Identified by DNA testing or non-contested acknowledgement of paternity.
    • Young mothers receiving welfare must attend and complete training toward a certification, degree, or professional license within 5 years.
    • This can include internships in early literacy centers, parks and recreations, community centers, city maintenance, etc..
    • No additional income added to their current benefits after initial approval of application because of an additional live birth.
    • A true welfare to work program.

  • Alexis Strickland

    Give the youth a chance to redeeme themselves instead of always arresting them. Honestly we all deserve a chance to make a better place for a better life not only for the new generation but the generations to come. Like the late and great Whitney Houston say I believe that children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way. This is my idea for our youth today, we have to teach them not kill them or send them off let them have a chance to redeeme themselves.

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