Rahm Emanuel, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia greet Chicago residents at ‘L’ stops

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CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia both began Wednesday greeting Chicago residents at CTA stations.

Emanuel failed in Tuesday's voting to win the majority needed to avoid a runoff against second-place finisher Garcia.

Garcia thanked early morning commuters at the Merchandise Mart.  The Cook County commissioner was relatively unknown despite previous stints as alderman, state senator and aide to  Mayor Harold Washington.
Emanuel greeted voters at the 95th Street Red Line stop this morning.  Later in the afternoon, he appeared with Alderman Carrie Austin on the far South Side.

Political pundits believe it was somewhat of an embarrassment for the mayor on the national stage as a former congressman and chief of staff for president Barack Obama.  Emanuel outspent Garcia by a two to 1 margin of millions of dollars.

But with this new race, political observers say if Garcia can coalesce support from his fellow opponents Bob Fioretti , Willie Wilson and William “Doc” Walls and the votes they received, he could pull off an upset the likes this city hasn't seen since Jane Byrne was beat back in 1983.

Emanuel was vague when asked if he would go negative in attack ads against Garcia but he still has millions in the bank to spend.  As for his claim Garcia is vague on the issues, Garcia says he promises to talk about his vision in great detail in the days  leading up to the April 7th runoff.

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  • Hmmmm ?

    This is a very difficult descision to make.
    Hmmm, naa.
    As much as I despise Rahm’s handling of day to day business as well as my disagreement of his take on the schools and policing.
    I have to look at the bigger picture.
    To me that is picking the lesser of two “evils”.
    Either picking Rahm who is arrogant but is all business whether I like it or not.
    Or picking Jesus who after all was Crook County Comissioner and who’s track record is really not much to hang a hat on.
    Either way probably a loose, loose situation. However I would rather have Rahm unfortunately back in for another term and at least I know and have come of what to expect.
    Than having “Chuy” in office and not getting any better results most likely for a minimum of a year or two.
    Maybe this pre-election, I can only hope has humbled Rahm & just maybe he can realize it is not all about business, that there are so many families that are suffering from lack of jobs, reduced schools, dirty streets, lack of cops on the streets and for me the main point is the sure amount of escalating violence that has risen since he took office.
    Rahm if your listening dump McCarthy, pick another police chief one that has a clue, hire more cops lower the violence & pick of the pieces and let’s get it done.
    I just don’t see “Chuy” changing anything but bringing more patronage workers in.
    This really should not be anybody but Rahm, I TRUST everybody knows the old saying be careful what you wish for or the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

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