Guilty verdict in Timothy Jones trial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO - A guilty verdict was delivered in the murder trial of Timothy Jones yesterday, in the death of Jacqueline Reynolds.

Head in his hands, Jones was devastated, despite being acquitted of four of the six counts against him.

It was the first trial in Cook County where cameras were allowed for gavel to gavel coverage.

Jurors reached their verdict after being sequestered for seven hours.

The case was unusual because Jones did not physically kill Reynolds.  Chicago police crashed into her car, as they were chasing Jones.

Jones was a suspect in an armed robbery home invasion.

His lawyer said he plans to appeal.

Jones was also found guilty of residential burglary.  He faces a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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  • Jake Barnes (@VillupuramP)

    Jones was found guilty of armed robbery in a home invasion. The family of the deceased woman wants to give him a “second chance.” I am not so sure they would be as forgiving had he been a white man. Of course, they do not want to accept the jury’s verdict because it would undermine their law suit against the city of Chicago and its police force and reduce their chances of a substantial financial settlement.

  • happy 1

    This sets a worrisome precedent. Set aside the nature of his crime for a moment. (Yes wrong and should be found guilty for the robbery etc. ) This verdict now gives police the ability to blame the consequences of their decisions on others. Say you blow a stop sign. Police pull out to stop you and hit a pedestrian. You’re now in jail for murder. Police are trained on pursuit and unfortunately, this one ended tragically. Even the family of the victim filed suit against the police, not the guy they were chasing. This verdict should concern us all.

    • al

      @happy “the nature of his crime” is a felony which is why he was charged with a death…blowing a stop sign is not a felony. The suit filed against the police (and city) is because the deadbeat offender has nothing to compensate the victims family with.

  • Martin

    This is wrong. The police should be held accountable. The police have a responsibility to call off a chase when it endangers innocent people. Shame on this jury and police department.

  • SB

    Unbelievable that there is not more of an uproar going on! POLICE killed that bystander. Part of the case for murder is INTENT – it is doubtful that Jones intended to kill Ms Reynolds. However, the recklessness of the police in their attempts to apprehend their suspect, seems to have not even been considered (or at least, not discussed or reported!)…shame on the police/ the jury/ the media/ us all.