Building A Family: An Infertility Journey

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Fletcher & Graham are the Goodman's happy ending.

SPOILER ALERT: Jenn and David’s story has a happy ending.

In fact, when you ask Jenn Goodman about the three men in her life, her husband David and two sons Graham and Fletcher, she gushes, “Words don’t describe it. I feel like I’m unequipped to say how happy they make me.”

Just a cursory look around reveals their home to be brimming with love (and toys). In fact, It’s nearly impossible to detect that where there is now so much joy, there was once disappointment, fear, and heartache.

When the time came, the Goodmans struggled to get pregnant. Jenn was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, a condition that causes irregular ovulation and often contributes to infertility.

Jenn and David still vividly recall one of the hardest days in their journey, “They called us and they sat us down with the doctor and told us that we needed to consider a donor or consider adoption.”

It was a nearly three year journey wrought with seemingly endless complication and chaos. “You’re just going into this tunnel and you have no idea how long it is until you are out of it,” Jenn said.

After several doctors, many medications, and one failed in vitro fertilization, the couple feared their dreams of a family may never come true.

But one doctor changed everything.

Dr. Jane Nani of Fertility Centers of Illinois knew immediately upon meeting the couple exactly how to restore the hope they were beginning to lose…little by little.

Going into another in vitro fertilization, Jenn was used to managing her expectations, “You get your first sonogram, and you’re halfway pregnant. At any time you could go in for one of those monitoring appointments and it could be gone.”

The couple was overjoyed when they got pregnant on their first IVF with Dr. Nani. They now have two beautiful boys, and Jenn urges other families not to give up, “If I hadn’t gone and gotten that second opinion, my life would be completely different. That’s all it took was someone else’s point of view.”

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  • Allison

    After our fifth miscarriage, we began to fear we would never have a successful pregnancy. Everyone just shrugged their shoulders and cited “bad luck,” but I knew there was something else going on.

    Dr. Nani listened, ran tests, and found the underlying problem. I’m the very lucky mom of two healthy, gorgeous kids now and there aren’t words for how thankful we are.

  • Sharon M

    My daughter and son in law are going through this now with Dr Nani. We hope and pray that they will experience this miracle of life and bring a baby into their loving home. It’s a journey and I hope and pray that I as a Gramma will be able to watch my daughter give birth to a healthy baby.