Woman killed in road rage incident had gone back to find suspect: police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police now say a Las Vegas mother killed in a road rage shooting last week got in her car with her gun-toting adult son and drove around their neighborhood looking for the assailant who ended up fatally wounding her.

Lt. Ray Steiber told reporters Tuesday that no suspects have been identified in Tammy Meyers’ shooting late last Thursday in a residential cul-de-sac west of the Strip.

But Steiber calls Meyers the victim in the case.

Steiber corrected some accounts of a case that became a homicide after Meyers died Saturday at a Las Vegas hospital.

Steiber says the driver of a gray or silver four-door car first approached Meyers with angry words as she drove home from a school parking lot while giving her teenage daughter a driving lesson.

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  • daniel

    This is a terrible thing that happened but here’s where I’m confused; the woman gets into it with some guy in a road rage spat, goes home and gets her adult son and his firearm, gets killed by the guy they war hunting (with the firearm) and she’s the victim?

    • Jacob

      The reason that she is the victim is because the shooter followed her back to her home and then opened fire even after she stopped following him. If he felt threatened by being followed it is his responsibility to call the police and let them know the situation. Instead he chose to follow the Victim back to her house and open fire.
      Was going back out to find him a bonehead move on her part? Yes it was. But she did not follow him to house or shoot at him. And instead of calling the police, he followed her home and killed her… that’s murder, and she was the victim of that murder.

  • Frill Artist

    “Victim” my a$$. She goes out with her son carrying a gun looking to kill someone. Ironically, she ended up getting killed. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. Good riddance.

    • SaintNola

      In another article, it states that the mother/son team did not find the “original road rage guy” and returned to their home. As they were exiting the vehicle at their residence, the “original road rage guy” pulled up to their house and opened fire. The son returned fire and in the process the mother was shot in the head.

  • hlk2

    Well, I guess this proves how stupid our judicial system is. The woman goes home and gets a gun toting son and is shot dead. So what happened to the gun toting son? Evidently unable to protect himself and his mother and the mother is killed. But the son isn’t charged and the other guy who was protecting himself from a gun toting son and mother is accused of murder and she is the victim. Go figure that one out.