Video shows rapper Afroman punching woman to floor during concert

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BILOXI, Miss. — Multiple videos have surfaced online that show Grammy-nominated musician Afroman punching a female concertgoer to the floor after she tries dancing with the star onstage.

According to the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss., Afroman, whose real name is Joseph Foreman, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple assault.

WLOX reports that Afroman was performing during Mardi Gras celebrations at Kress Live, an entertainment venue in Biloxi, Miss., when the woman approached the stage.

The videos show Afroman turning around and knocking her to the floor with a single punch.

In one video, the woman is seen getting up a few moments later. Another concertgoer, a man, gets up on the stage, glances at the entertainer and leaves with the woman.

Chase Taylor, the owner of Kress Live, told WLOX that Afroman was a few songs into the set when the incident occurred.

“We pulled the plug on him, and security met him at the bottom of the stage to escort him outside, where he was taken into custody,” he told the station.

Afroman, 40, was nominated for a Grammy in 2002 for his hit, “Because I Got High.” He is also notorious for an explicit comedy rap song, “Crazy Rap,” which fans often refer to with the alternate title of “Colt 45.”

Afroman, aka Foreman, paid $330 cash to bond out of jail, according to multiple reports. In a prepared statement to, a representative for the musician said the punch was a “completely involuntary reflex.”