FULL LIST: Chicago area schools opening late

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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    • Melissa C

      There are a lot of kids who walk to school or wait at bus stops. With temps 20-30 below with wind chill I cannot imagine that anyone would want to risk it.

    • T

      Hey, everyone doesn’t have cars. Many students are at the mercy of the often slow running CTA. Frostbite isn’t some fictional fairytale medical condition either! 3 degrees on top of windchill is no joke. Spend the day off with your child, CPS isn’t a babysitting organization. You people are unbelievable!

    • Miche

      What’s ridiculous is your comment. I bet you wouldn’t want your kids (if you have kids) walking to school or waiting for the bus/cta when it is so cold that not even adults can stand being outside.

    • Andres

      well It’s very dangerous. You should keep your mouth shut because to be honest you are wrong it’s very cold children even of the age of 4 go to school. A lot of them could get sick and then even more can get sick. So its very important because life is not fair and some people may not have a car in order to take their kids. They may have to wait for the bus so you should shut your mouth and they know what they are doing they aren’t going to be closing down the schools of the 3rd biggest city in the country so you should start to care about others.

    • Franceska W

      Okay, @Sue, why don’t you try walking to the bus stop every day during this kind of weather. Not all of us are privileged enough to have cars to get to school/work. I was born and raised in Chicago and walking in below zero temperature isn’t fun at all. It’s dangerous for adults and even more life threatening for children.

  • Raquel

    Thank you for for being considerate, being that some teenagers are ” too cool” to dress accordingly to the weather out there and will end up with their ears falling off.

  • T

    Show some compassion, when you close 50 schools and now you have to walk a mile or more to school or stand at a bus stop waiting for public transportation that can dangerous!

  • Diana Mikels

    I believe it is necessary to close schools for children. in very frigid weather. If it is too dangerous for adults to be exposed, then it is far worse for children. How many children do we know that don’t bundle up, keeping gloves, caps, and scarves on. Needless to say the younger kindergarten age that may not be able to dress properly yet. Many have to wait for school buses. How about the children with special medical problems like Juvenile Diabetes. I think children’s safety is more important.

    • eb

      Its good they are using wisdom and closing the schools. Some children may not have proper winter attire for for such fridgid temps, not to mention the icy sidewalks that have not been cleaned.

      • K R

        The burden of using wisdom falls on the parents, not the school. If a parent feels it is too dangerous for their child to go to school, then it is up to the parent to keep the child at home in spite of what the school decides, or the financial hardship it causes. Too many people react with the I.Q. of a rock and use the “excuse” of ‘I was just following orders’ sending the children in dangerous weather. Most schools have a financial interest in attendance of the children as do most parents. Schools receive money for children’s attendance while many parents lose money when they have to make arrangements for a child staying at home. Wisdom or common sense is NOT a requirement for having children nor is it used as often as it should be for the welfare of the child. If parents think it is too cold for their child to make it to school, then keep them at home or make other arrangements. If that is too much of a hardship for them… then too bad… either with it or give them up.

    • Sue

      Not ALL schools are closed. Many are open, including Naperville, and several others had a late start. Naperville is reporting excellent attendance, by the way.