Meet the candidates: City Council, 37th Ward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Leroy Duncan


Leroy Duncan joined the military after high school and graduated from Roosevelt University with a degree in accounting years later. Duncan is the president of the 1500 N. Lotus Block Club and he has partnered with law enforcement and community members to help find solutions for making the community safer. If elected alderman, Duncan will aim to solve community problems and increase allocation of city services, recruit desirable businesses to open in the community, and partner with the Police Department in fighting crime.


Emma Mitts


Emma Mitts in the incumbent alderman of Chicago’s 37th Ward. Mitts has represented the ward since she was first elected in 2000. Her philosophy and vision of “Unity In The Community” is designed to strengthen the community by everyone working together. As alderman, Mitts has overseen the opening of San Miguel Catholic School, the Washington Square Mall, Ronald McNair Elementary School, The Westside Health Authority and its first Chicago Public Library.


Maretta Brown-Miller

Website: None

Showing how rich and vibrant the 37th Ward is is vital for Maretta Brown-Miller. She earned a degree in organizational management from Concordia University and has worked for the past 14 years as a staff assistant for the Chicago Park District. She previously ran for alderman in 2011 and received 24 percent of the votes. If elected alderman, Miller seeks to improve transparency and community involvement, to support a minimum wage increase across the board for city residents, and to invest in performing arts programs to allow area youth to have options after school to avoid trouble.


Tara Stamps


While working as a Chicago Public School teacher, the closing of numerous schools motivated Tara Stamps to run for alderman. She has spent the past twenty years working for strong neighborhood schools, good jobs, and civil rights on the West Side of Chicago. If elected alderman, Stamps aims to improve public safety, a living wage, small businesses, and a strong public school base.

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