Dr. Laura Berman on women’s fascination with Fifty Shades of Grey

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Pat

    I cannot agree with L Berman opinion. This is so obviously abuse. She is agreeing only to assure relationship. You are only perpetuating ridiculous ideas that accepting abuse is romantic. Such a sad and harmful message. What type of Dr are you?

  • Dawn

    I didn’t read the book/(s)…Had no interest in reading the book(s) or for that matter seeing the movie. My friend wanted to go so I indulged. Stunned. Suprised. Unexpected. Erotically stimulated/ing. So. Much. More. The truth, the rawness, the beauty, the passion, the love. The story. The story of what…of why… The love that he so much doesn’t want. That “she’s” teaching him. He says it perfectly “what are you doing to me?” The purity. The pain. The love. The hate. I yearned for more when I left…and cried. Softly the tears slid down my cheeks as I hurt for her (physical) “pain” and his (emotional) “pain”…that they both much need to explore, to search their inner beings for, to learn, to know, to want. To understand. No.

  • Josh

    I never read the books. I only saw the movie. What I got from this is that if the guy didn’t have money and showered her with all of these luxuries, then she wouldn’t have been so inept to allow him to do the things that he did to her. Women love this movie story because the guy is hot and rich. Grey was emotionally distraught from his past. He got pleasure from punishing women and he enticed women to be with him by giving them pleasure with the less rough acts. He’s a psycho. Fifteen other women had slept in that room before her. She should have ran away then, but she had dollar signs in her eyes. People are so unrealistic these days.

  • Ilene

    The Movie is PORN No young people should see it. Physical abuse by mern who control women.Oh and the RED ROOM. I watched 4 men being interviewed and one said if he came home with hand cuffs, chain, rope, duck tape. hids dog wouldn’t let him in the house. Do u think the Movie Industry and the writer of the book might be sued for the abuse many women have suffered since. WAIT AND SEE. Watch Jamie in another Movie The Fall or Fall. where he is a serial killer