Aurora shooting leaves 5 victims dead, 5 officers wounded

Geneva woman accused in mass killing plot shows darker side on social media

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GENEVA, Ill. -- 23-year-old Lindsay Souvannarath’s social media posts offer a dark glimpse into her life as well as the lives of the people she was charged alongside in an alleged mass shooting plot in Canada.

On Friday the 13th, Canadian officials arrested  Souvannarath and 20-year-old Randall Shepherd at the Halifax airport.  The third suspect, James Gamble, was found dead in his suburban Halifax home that same day of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Souvannarath and Shepherd are accused of conspiracy to commit murder involving a plot in which they would enter a Halifax shopping mall, open fire, and shoot and kill as many people as they could — before then taking their own lives.

From appearances, Souvannarath met the two men on a video gamers website several years ago.

Many pictures of Souvannarath appear to be manipulated, enhancing her features. Some are Halloween-like, wearing a partial skull mask across her face.

On her tumblr blog, there is a mix of whimsy, like Disney princesses and fashion. But the darkness is there as well.

A post from February 11th is a a graphic titled “der untergang”, which in English is “the downfall.” It has a photo which appears to be that same skull mask and the words, “Valentine’s Day it’s going down.” Just underneath it is a note which reads: “It’s almost here. The clock is ticking.”

The blog also has many photos of firearms and references to the Columbine school shooting.

Another post from February 11th reads “Cute date idea” when referencing “Let’s go commit mass homicide together, hand in hand.”

Shepherd also has a tumblr account, which is so graphic WGN News will not be showing it on TV or online.

Souvannarath and Shepherd are scheduled to appear in a Halifax court tomorrow.

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