Community leaders urge President Obama to choose UIC for library

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- The Westside Black Elected Officials chose President’s Day to highlight their proposal to build the Obama presidential library on a 23 acres site anchored at the corner of Roosevelt and Kostner.

They acknowledge many think their bid is a long shot, but they say they're determined to show everyone they are serious.

The group of African American, West and West suburban, current and former elected officials believe the UIC-North Lawndale bid for the Obama president library would mark the beginning of a regional renaissance for the area.

UIC is competing with bids from the University of Hawaii - the president's birth place, Columbia University in New York City - where the President attended college and the University of Chicago - where the President and First Lady once worked.

Officials with the UIC/North Lawndale bid are not discouraged nor deterred by Mayor Emanuel’s proposal to transfer park land in Washington Park and Jackson Park to the city to boost the U of C bid.

They will be holding rally on March 7th.

The final decision on where the library and museum will be built also is expected to be announced in March.

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  • silent_screamer

    In 5 yeas ,If you asked most residents or visitors to Chicago where they would rather spend the afternoon
    a) President Obama’s Library , or b) George Lucas’ Star Wars Exhibit. Which point of interest would attract more visitors ?

    Again, Which point of interest will fill more hotel rooms and restaurants? Which will sell more souvenirs and t-shirts. Which exhibit will have repeat visitors who come annually and generate tourist dollars for the city? I know what I would answer.
    Sorry University, but Id rather your real estate be left for another worth wild project or even left as open urban space. Let hawaii have the library.

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