Mayor Emanuel asks Little League to reverse decision to strip JRW of title

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CHICAGO -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked the Little League International to reverse its decision to strip Jackie Robinson West of its national title.

At a mayoral candidates’ forum on the Columbia College campus, Mayor Emanuel told the crowd he called and asked the organization earlier today.

Earlier Emanuel released a statement saying "These remarkable boys brought our entire city together and reminded all Chicagoans how important it is to support our children. They created memories that will last a lifetime and nothing will take that away, and they showed the nation their character both on and off the field. The city remains united in its support of these great children and in our hearts, they will always be champions in Chicago."

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  • pattie

    What matters most? Technicalities or the real purpose of Little League and all youth sports? Let’s get back to the real meaning of youth sports, ladies and gentlemen: a team of kids playing together to the best of their ability. Pardon me about “rules.” Let’s not confuse “rules” with technicalities that are not supportive of the real meaning of youth sports. My son played youth hockey, not baseball. But winners are winners, and to strip these courageous kids of their win is shameful. And,no, I don’t come from the south suburbs. I come from the north shore

    • Anthony Koyer

      The thing most people don’t realize here is that the TEAM would not exist if rules were followed! These particular kids would not have been together if the coaches followed the rules. So if people want to be mad, put the blame where it belongs, on the Coach that started the entire mess. And as far as the Mayor taking the stance he is, well…It’s election time people, the popular opinion is where is is going to plant his flag, he wants your vote! Open your eyes lemmings, Cheaters to the right of me, Political Jokers to the right…and here we are STUCK IN THE MIDDLE!

  • Mrs Rose Ann Koyer

    Mayor Emanuel, Shame on you for wanting these kids to learn the wrong message !!! If this team was not stacked they might not have gone that far !!! This could have stopped the other teams that followed the rules not being able to have their chance of glory !!! I thought you were working for the children in the city to be good and smart citizens !!! Rethink what you are doing to these children !!!

    • lindy

      How is this the fault of the children? They are not the ones who broke the rules. They did what they were supposed to do, and they did it well, yet they are being held accountable for something they had no control over. The adults in charge were the ones who were not good citizens, and the children should not be punished for the mess they created. Of course it’s not fair to the other teams, but stripping JRW of the title does not make it any more fair. The title will be tainted because of what happened, and the focus should be on dealing with the adults who cheated and let all those children down.

      • Gorilla72

        So your saying it’s ok to bring in ‘RINGERS’, and not follow the rules, and thats fair to the OTHER teams who did follow the rules? Welcome to the real world, how many times have you had something effected in your life by someone else in control. Bottom line, the rules of the league were broken, the team should have never had the kids it did, the coach, NOT THE KIDS, are at fault, but you do not deserve the title when you got it by breaking the rules, no matter who was at fault. That’s the problem today, everyone things they are entitled, and ‘Everyone wins’ and the real world is everyone holding hands singing in a circle. It’s not, it make up of scumbags like the coach, who break the rules, and OTHERS (in this case, the kids) are the ones that suffer. BUT never the less, title was tainted, and 100% right to remove the title. The kids can still feel good about how they played as a team sure, but sorry, no title for you!

  • Shante

    This is not a white or black thing this is about the team not following the rules. They broke the rules they get stripped of the title! Right decision and a life lesson for the parents and coaches who knew exactly what they were doing. Stacking the team to cheat and reap the benefits that came along with it!

  • Shante

    Rahman? Really?. Don’t you have something better to be doing like taking care of how bad Chicago is? Crime, red light cameras, poor schools, etc etc!!

  • garyW

    I feel bad for the players but the coaches were wrong….they knew of the violations and still went ahead with it. Let these boys learn a valuable lesson that you need to earn the title without going beyond the rules and regulations. rahm should stay out of this one!

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