Chicago woman’s brakes cut because she violated parking dibs?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
City to begin cleaning up “dibs” markers today

CHICAGO — Snow covered roads in Chicago brings the return of parking dibs.

That’s where people plant random objects on the parking spots that they just shoveled out, in order to save them for themselves.

Chairs are a common favorite.

Some have also used tables, milk crates, and even a baby stroller.

A 25-year-old woman in the city’s Ukrainian Village admits she doesn’t live by the code of dibs.

She tells DNA info that she parked her car at, what she felt was an available spot near Western Avenue and Iowa Street.

But when she drove out of there Friday morning, she noticed something was wrong with her brakes.

‘I realized it was very, very hard to stop,’ she said.

It turns out someone cut them.

A mechanic later discovered both back brakes were completely severed, according to a police report.

That cost her $225 to fix.

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  • Katie Murphy

    Did she remove the objects that were put in place to save the spot or were there none there to begin with and therefore she wouldn’t have known it was a “dibs” parking spot.

  • Mike Payne (@CTAGray)

    Whomever did that cutting should go to Prison for at least TEN YEARS, What if her brakes had gone out on a crowded expressway at 70mph; and she ended up involved in an accident with a Gasoline Tanker carrying 8,500 gals. of no-lead, and incinerated alive 25 or 30 people…….

    Wait — Maybe TWENTY YEARS!

  • Silent_screamer

    After 48 hours post storm, Streets and Sanitation should go around and remove all “Dibs Litter” from Chicago streets and anyone found placing objects inside the curb should receive a citation and be fined.

    • goofyjj

      They should also maybe clean the streets so that there would be no need for “dibs”. Not that I agree with the practice but I do certainly understand why people do it. Only three people on my block (both sides) shoveled at all the past 2 weeks.

      • diane

        How does one plow the streets when cars are parked bumper to pumper along the curb. Unless you live where you cannot park on the east side curb on even days of the month and legal parking on the west side is only allowed on odd days

  • Jennifer

    The woman who talked with CBS 2 says she moved aside a white patio chair that had been placed in the spot she took. She says parking was scarce that night. When she drove away Friday morning she says the brakes were increasingly hard to operate.

  • Ring trosky

    She was lucky she didn’t get a brick in her windshield.. What about old people or the disabled who really struggle to clean out a space… I’ve been there and it’s maddening…

  • Jane

    Dibs is such a ridiculous practice! You don’t want to shovel snow from your parking spot? Then rent a garage. Oh guess what, you’ll still have to shovel to get out of your garage. People are just plain lazy!

  • Al

    The last time someone parked in a spot that I shoveled (right in front of my house) I buried their car, overnight, with the same snow. I looked out the window and they were pissed.

    • Silent_screamer

      I’m sorry Mr Al. So the fact that the public curb is in front of your home translates in your little head as your OWN private property with NO Trespassing

      I’m praying Karma pays you a visit.

    • Silent_screamer

      Kindly directed@AL~ So you picked up a shovel and cleaned a parking space that you now feel you have dibs on. I shoveled 80 feet of public sidewalk in front of my house. I also salted it to prevent pedestrians falling.

      In the summer months I weed , fertilize, and mow the grass between the curb and sidewalk (aka parkway) in front of my house. Can I vandalize the folks who use this public sidewalk or should I just throw the weeds and litter at them. I’m asking because YOU’RE the person who hands out punishments

      • Diane

        Two thumbs up and standing ovation. People can’t call domain public sidewalks or curbside parking. And the gentleman who shoveled snow on another’s car is a very small person yet needs to brag about it.

      • Jackson

        Thats great that you’re a good citizen. Why are you guys giving this guy such a hard time. It’s ridiculous that the city expects you to shovel the sidewalk in front of your house (public property) , or you’ll get fined. And when someone takes that ownership/ responsibility for shoveling out for their car then it’s a problem. If the city did its job it would shovel and clear all city property. I mean isn’t that why I pay taxes? Have streets and sanitation out with the trucks on more than just the “arterial” streets ( Burke cough,cough) and shoveling residential and downtown sidewalks. Then as someone pointed out earlier there would be no need for dibs. My point is that if I shovel SEVERAL feet of snow and some one parks there, there’s going to be a problem. Cutting brakes is going to far, but I bet she won’t move another dibs spot again.

  • caitlin

    Lol that’s what she gets for taking someone’s spot. Sorry not sorry. Glad they cut her brakes, now she’ll know. It took me 3 hrs to shovel my spot, probs to the person who did that to her.

  • JJ

    How about the city clear our sidewalks so people wouldn’t have to. They’re quick on giving citations about sidewalks not being shoveled, yet they fail to clean our sidewalks and alleys. When you live in the middle of the block it takes a whole community to help clear an alley ways for cars to go into and out of their garage. Every year I have to help my neighbor do his side since he’s old and retired. This honestly should be a responsibility of our city not the citizen. If you’re going to ticket us for not shoveling our sidewalks, what do we get in return for you not shoveling our sidestreets and alleys?

  • Amy

    Don’t you homeowners have garages or a parking pad behind your homes in the alley? If you do, you need to start using it. You won’t have to shovel, the dibs can be eliminated and the City can do there job the right way of plowing your street.

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