Drew Peterson accused of trying to hire hitman to kill James Glasgow

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ill. -- Drew Peterson is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow, who was the lead prosecutor in Peterson's 2012 murder trial.

Peterson had an arraignment Monday morning in Randolph County where he was charged with one count of solicitation for murder for hire and one count of solicitation for murder. His next court day is March 3.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told WGN that because this is a high profile case and James Glasgow is the intended victim, the attorney general's office got involved with the investigation.  She also said that the alleged planning took place between September 2013 through December  2014.

On Monday afternoon, Glasgow released the following statement:

"This morning I received a copy of the charges that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker filed against Drew Peterson.  I have absolute faith in law enforcement and our criminal justice system to handle this case appropriately.  I want to thank Attorney General Madigan and State’s Attorney Walker and their legal teams for their work on this case.

It is unfortunate that prosecutors sometimes must deal with allegations of this nature. However, in no way will a threat to my personal safety deter me from the important work I perform as the State’s Attorney on behalf of the citizens of Will County."

Drew Peterson.

Drew Peterson.

In 2012, Peterson was convicted of killing his third wife Kathleen Savio, who drowned in a bathtub. He received a 38-year prison sentence in February 2013.

When WGN asked former Peterson defense attorney Joel Brodsky if he was surprised about these allegations, he said, “Not really. When I was representing Drew we did a lot of things that were controversial, but apparently his new lawyers don’t have control over their client, and that’s unfortunate. “

Brodsky also said that while he can’t specifically discuss conversations between him and his former client, he says that if he thought Peterson was intending to harm anyone , he would "have a duty to disclose that.”

Savio's body was exhumed after Peterson's fourth wife Stacy went missing in 2007. Stacy remains missing to this day. Peterson contends Stacy ran off with another man and is still alive.

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  • Fishman

    Drew, Drew Drew…Tis, Tis Tis!!! Thank You for Telling Everyone what Happen to Wife#3-#4..I just Wish Our Taxes did not support you. I think once your Money Runs out in Prison, You Die!

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    Remorseless, no empathy bonafide psycho. They are monsters in human flesh. Releasing this guy EVER is reigning destruction down on the innocent.

  • Sharonrose Zane

    This is typical narcissistic behavior. He was sentenced to 38 yrs. for the murder of one wife.His other wife is missing.He is a disgrace to his badge,his department,his family. 38 years….I was turning 7,and my sister April Rose Zane disappeared from Will County. That’s a long time. Will County Deputy Robin Abrams is missing, a “real” cop,because of another deputy, and nothing was done. Here is a guy who was a cop,he got caught,prosecuted and now he doesn’t have enough brains to see he is up for an appeal,that unlike himself,States Atty. James Glasgow DID his job and put him away. Now this fool turns around and hires someone while incarcerated to kill him? Shame on you Mr. Glasgow for doing your job.Furthermore,Drew Peterson is the poster child for why Illinois should bring back the death penalty,after all while he is doing all of this,Illinois tax payers are footing the bill.Mr. Glasgow I would protect you for free. You did the right thing. Drew,like I said is a disgrace to the badge,my sister was a minor civilian.With a jerk like this running around who do you trust? Like they say if you are running from the cops where do you move? Above the police station.If you want to kill someone and almost get away with it? Become a cop,like Drew did. How many others did you kill Mr. Peterson?

  • JT Lowry

    Pure BS but good fodder for the news folks who will bite any any thing to improve their abysmal ratings anymore. People get their news via the internet (if they can afford the broadband that is) this way they don’t have to watch some idiot read off a prompter and make zillions per year. Petersen should never have been convicted on the evidence because there wasn’t any. They crafted a ridiculous law to convict him. Sure he’s guilty but your suppose to prove it.

  • penelope

    I can’t decide who is the creepiest… Drew Peterson.. or James Glasgow…… they both seem kinda “shifty” to me……. I’m just glad I’m not the ONLY ONE who thinks Glasgow is pretty slick ..the only one OTHER THAN Glasgow, of course. ;) ;)
    I’m feeling kinda old and jaded. lol
    bc I’ve seen this trick before!

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