Chicago police receive new bulletproof vests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- This is a big day for a fundraising campaign to outfit Chicago police officers with new bulletproof vests.

The money was donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation's "Get Behind the Vest" campaign.

The first of more than 1,000 new vests were distributed today.

The campaign will continue until 8,000 officers and supervisors have new vests.  The fundraising goal is $4 million.

If you would like more information on how you can donate, go online to

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  • JK

    I tired of all this “feel good” nonsense. Chicago police start at over $43,000 a year and by a year they are making over $61,000 and in a year and a half are making over $65,000. Obviously by their 5th thru 7th year (age at which vests should be replaced) are making even more. They are also given an $1800 per year uniform(to include belts/holsters, handcuffs, gun, flashlights etc) allowance and another “annual duty availability allowance” (what ever that is) of $2900+. The city gives them their first vest, so your telling us in 5-7 years making well over $60,000 per year AND with a total of $4700 additional allowances per year, that they can not afford to BUY THEIR OWN $5-700 vests every 5 years????
    I have several personal friends and another 6-8 acquaintance friends that are police officers in my small town and the surrounding towns, they make a little to considerably less then Chicago policeyet they have no problems buying their own.

      • JK

        Grow some common sense, $65k plus before their second year, an $1800 yearly uniform allowance and they can not find $500-$700 every 5 years????? REALLY!!!
        Are my numbers wrong? Am I missing something? Maybe some one can explain it rather then just post some smartazz remark.

    • haywood

      Illinois law mandates that police departments supply bullet proof vests. There is an exemption for Chicago. That’s why the CPMF decided to do this.

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