Chicago Ridge Mall announces new rules for teens

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill -- Chicago Ridge Mall announced a new security policy and began enforcing it this afternoon.

Teenagers will no longer be allowed to roam free in the mall after certain times.

The mall is following in the footsteps of about 80 others in the country now enforcing a youth policy.

“The goal is to invite teens on the property with their families and support the family friendly atmosphere at Chicago Ridge,” said Chicago Ridge Mall Marketing Director Monika Kalicki.

It’s called the “Youth Supervision Policy,” and starting today, if you’re under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult at least 21-years-old. One adult can accompany up to six minors.

This policy kicks in every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 5 p.m.

“Anyone who enters at 5 p.m. is going to be asked for their identification,” Kalicki said. “We’re going to be providing wristbands to those shoppers that are of age to be at the property but look younger.”

The new policy comes less than two months after chaos erupted inside the mall. Customers were sent running for the exits after reports of fights and shots fired were called into police.  The mall was evacuated and shutdown early.

There are some loop holes to this policy. For one, department stores will not be enforcing these new rules nor will the AMC Theatre housed inside the mall.

Those under aged will be still be allowed visit those locations when the policy is in place.

This policy also applies to mall workers under the age of 18. If they’re not working, they will be asked to abide by this new policy.

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  • Joy

    in theory this is a good policy so you don’t have youngsters just roaming the mall… However if all they need now is to be accompanied by an “adult”. I am sure they will now be having
    “adult ” gang members more than willing to be their chaperone so they can hang out at the mall.
    They will also start
    ” hanging out” in Carson Pirie Scott ultimately making that anchor store unshippable and so cause the demise of the that local mall.

    • quincy adams

      “In theory” this is not a good policy, because the “theory” in play here is “fascism.” There is a reason it is unconstitutional to demand someone’s ID in a public place, which the mall is, even though it is has a roof on it. And making kids wear wristbands? What about armbands? Or other flair, etc., etc,.

      • Diane

        Kindly directed@ Quincy~
        While you refer to it as “public space”, Shopping malls are private property .
        I believe its the adults who wear the wristband. A person has every right to reuse showing their ID and can be refused entry. If you don’t like the policy you are welcome to shop ( or roam ) elsewhere

  • Fishman

    Is this really a Teenage problem or Cultural. Teenagers have been going to malls for years. C’mon folks, We all know what the problem is. They got the parenting thing right, just needs to be done at home first.

  • Disgusted Mom

    There is no loophole. My 17 year old was turned away at 7 pm with tickets to a movie that she had purchased BEFORE this ridiculous policy was in effect. She was told if I came and escorted her into the mall and to the doors of the theater, she would be allowed in. I drove to the mall and she was again turned away at the entrance of the theater, but they did say if I purchase a ticket and walk her across the threshold that I don’t have to stay for the movie. Nice job Chicago Ridge Mall. Great way to recover the lost revenue you will incur as a result of this “curfew”. By the way, I got irate enough with the manager that they did let her in without my purchasing a ticket, but what a joke!