Toddler sinks basketball shots before his second birthday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TORRINGTON, Conn. -- A little boy is showing off his 'Hoop Dreams' at a very young age.

Brayden Ledoux is 21-months old.

His parents say he spends a big chunk of his day playing his basketball.

Brayden got a toy hoop about nine months ago.

Ever since he's been chucking shots.

They didn't go in right away, but now he's making them frequently.

"He's on the couch, he's on a stool, he's uh, really anywhere. You think he's trying to do trick shots sometimes," said Brayden's father, Chris.

"Mom, dad, ball. Those were his first words," said mother Kaleigh Ledoux. "Now he's progressed into throwing two balls in the hoop at the same time, making them in, I mean, he's just unbelievable how good he is for his age that he is."

"You give him a ball, he'll shoot ten times, he's probably gonna make it 7, 8 times," said Brayden's dad. "He's got good depth perception... If it's close, he throws it light to make it, far away, he knows how hard to throw it to make it in."

Athletics is in the family gene pool since both of Brayden's parents played sports when they were younger.

"He can hold a golf club, like in a perfect stance of how you swing a golf club, it's amazing," said Brayden's mom.

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