Michelle Obama to pick Obama library location: report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — The site of the Obama presidential library and museum will be announced next month, and apparently the First Lady is going to pick it.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Michelle Obama will make the final decision, and she is said to be favoring Columbia University in New York. The school wants to build the library on its new campus in Harlem.

Chicago has two bids being considered … the University of Chicago on the south side, and UIC on the west side.

The University of Hawaii is also in the running.

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  • silent_screamer

    Dear Obama family~
    If I were traveling to Chicago, or even thru Chicago , I would much rather visit the Star Wars Exhibit in person than look at a former president’s papers. Yes some students will love going to the Obama Library if it means getting out of class but they too would much rather go to a galaxy far far away.
    You would be much happier having you library built somewhere outside of Illinois where its not last on ” the least suggested” sites to see.

  • ejhickey

    If Chicago does not get the Library, this should be a big wake up call to the city and to the state and to the politicians running both. Everyone assumed it would come here because Obama came from Chicago. However, from the President’s standpoint NYC is a better choice because of all the problems associated with Chicago and Illinois . Why would he choose to be associated with that. Instead he and Michelle probably want some distance from Chicago to protect his legacy. Bottom line is , we have to face the fact that Chicago does not DESERVE the Presidential library.

  • Chitownguy

    Personally, I feel New York would be a perfect location for the library.
    It will probably save Chicago taxpayers a lot of money.

  • Steven

    The presidential library at the University of Hawaii: in French there is a perfect expression to describe it: “it is giving jam to pigs”. Seriously that State has undervalued and butchered public education for decades despite revenues higher than the American average to the point of scoring last in National educational tests, and you would reward them with the presidential library: what a message it would be!

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