Ohio family convinced son lived another life as a Chicago woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO --  Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio boy’s family says they didn’t, until little Luke started sharing specific details. He spoke about living another life, in Chicago, as a woman who suffered a horrific death.

WJW's Suzanne Stratford has the story in the video above.

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      • TheFounderUtopia

        @ Sweet Toffee
        Credulous is a matter of perspective, wise guy. Being too quick to disbelieve something is often tantamount to being too quick to BELIEVE in its non-existence. Closed-minded is closed-minded, whether you choose to hide it in negative phrasing or not. Facts aren’t figured out by mocking people whose opinions you don’t share (or refuse to consider). The scientific mind doesn’t first decide what’s true and THEN try to enforce it, but rather waits to make an informed conclusion, and holds it tentatively.

        But I suppose it’s hardly a surprise you don’t understand this, being the only one here without a reply button under his own post, it seems you engineer your account to filter out counter-arguments. Do you know what I call someone who erects a soap box in an echo chamber? It doesn’t matter – because they won’t hear me anyway.

    • pedi

      Usual reaction by someone (most) who run on the fuel of belief and not experience. It is OK to feel this way but remember it isn’t fact. Overwhelming evidence is an understatement .

  • Anna Lopez

    I experienced this with my son from the age of the that he could talk I got stories of my son’s past life experience and vivid details about his family he had in California and the tragic death and how he wanted to go see them I got the chills when I seen this post! I thought I was the only one!

  • Lisa

    When my son was 4, he would frequently tell me about his “other” family. He said they lived in London, England and that when he was 10, he and his older sister had both gotten very sick and he died. He described his parents in great detail. It totally freaked me out. He continued to talk about it randomly until he turned 6. Now he doesn’t remember any of it.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti

    There will be the nay sayers….but, There are many documented cases of children remembering their previous life. Knowing their names,where they lived, etc. Small children, sometimes bring with them the memories of past lives. Reincarnation sometimes happens quickly after death, depending on if life was interuppted. Most reincarnations, I believe are in the 90 to 100 years apart. My sister in law, says she remembers as a baby, looking at her mother, and thinking, you are not my mom. Reincarnation is not a new theory by any means. We are just catching up here in the western civilization!

  • tina

    This happened to my husband. He was obsessed with Vlad the impaler all of his life…one day he decided to draw A picture of a dragon for a tattoo and got this.tattoo on his arm. Fast forward 5 yes later looking through books he found the same.drawing that he drew/and tattooed; there it was; the order of the dragon symbol..he never knew that…he feels that he was involved with Vlad back in the day.

    • Star J

      Vlad the Impailer was one of the most evil men on the planet. He murdered between 40,000 and 100,000 people. He (literally roasted children & forced their mothers to eat them. He cut off the womens’ breasts and made the men eat them, smh.

  • Suzette Rapp

    My oldest grandson used to insist he was a girl “a long long time ago”, with long hair, painted fingernails, earrings. He eventually stopped talking about it, but he sure made me wish we could afford a psychic medium or past-life regression session for him. I mostly believe him, and in reincarnation, since there is so much fuss made about our souls, why couldn’t we come back to finish something, or learn more ?

  • Jeffrey

    Have they reached out to any of Pamela’s living family members to have them talk to one another and reminisce? That would prove it’s true.

  • Joan

    I never believed in anything like this until my three year old son told me his story. While watching television he informed me that he had been “a lawyer”. When I asked what school he attended, he told me Lane Tech. He graduated in 1948. He had the same first name he has now. As I asked additional questions, he said he “made lots and lots of money, and had many tall girlfriends, but never married”. I asked if he had a car. “Yes.” When I asked what color it was, he looked at me in a funny way and replied, “It was black. That’s the only color they had back then.” How did he know that? It ended by his telling me he died in a car accident when he was still pretty young. He turned away and went back to playing. To this day I have goose bumps when I tell people.

  • carola werth

    I now I have been here before many times and also I love past life regression we are a Soul in a human body learning a human experience to find peace and self love when you’re still in your mind and heart you are at peace with yourself. Every life time we are trying to reach that place . Xxx blessings to all

  • Ted Night

    Here’s all you need to know about the silliness of “reincarnation.” There are more people alive TODAY, then people that have died. Think about it.

      • jenny

        Ted Knight by your comment it shows me you are a very young sole and have not yet gotten any understanding. What makes you think in one life time you are so pure and have gained knowledge and understanding to be good enough to sit at the foot of the throne. Do not make comments on things you have no knowledge about for when you do you are judging people and you are surely not God. Oh, get the book, Angelas Ashes and read it. You might just find or at least open your mind a bit.

  • Dennis

    Near death experience in 1974. Lost my fear of death at that time. I am solidly convinced that death is merely escaping these bodies, returning to (?) for a life review and assessment of your weaknesses and an eventual return to work on those weaknesses.

  • Mary E. Earl

    When our grandson, Jordan, now 24 years old was 2 years old i always tried to keep my dads memory alive to our grandchildren. Even though my dad passed away in 1984, Jordan was born in 1990.One day i was sitting with Jordan and mentioned something “Grandpa Wayne” had said or done when he looked at me and said “I know him!” and i asked how he knew grandpa Wayne, his response
    was “I knowed him in heaven before i was borned!!” I believe him with all my heart! Jordans memory of meeting his great grandpa left him suddenly also.

  • wolfgang

    I used to have a terrifying reoccurring nightmare of myself getting killed in battle by an old viking axe type thing in my chest and I’d immediately wake up. Still not necessarily convinced by any means whatsoever. But I do have a 12 inch birthmark directly in the middle of my chest. Looks like I had open heart surgery.

    • Vaishnava das

      I am glad that there so many sharing their experiences…the Bhagavad Gita chapter two deals with this subject in detail…

  • Lee

    If you believe in spirituality, you believe this happens. Our souls leave our bodies when we die. Some have completed their journeys and do not have to return. Others need to return to learn what they missed before. It’s is rare that people remember previous lives but it does happen.

  • Melody Conner

    My son used to tell me stories about being an alcoholic an hunting bears… and he insisted they were true stories… That was when he was age 2 to about 4ish.. He has no memory of that now that he is 22.

  • Tina

    My son said that for the longest time that his grandmother lived in Canada but he didn’t know anything about his mom and I was his adopted mother. I was shocked to hear him say that, but I let him believe in what he wanted to.

  • spitdog

    This story is impossible to believe. OK, sure maybe the kid was a woman in a past life but really, who would admit to living in Chicago?

  • Toni

    Some people, including children, confuse their own identity with a spirit that may be hanging around them or even inside of them, and end up thinking it was one of their past lives – through their own assumption or the urging of the spirit for whatever reason that may be. Either that or it WAS one of his past lives but I am willing to bet it isn’t what he thinks it is

    • Toad Urine

      How would you even know this? You’re just talking to spirits every day, and they explain things to you that none of the other 7 Billion people get to hear? Sounds legit.

  • Susan

    Fascinating! Young children are more in touch with the greater field of Being. The older we get, the more we seem to forget. Life is indeed a mystery!

  • bigfig

    I believe in God but if you believe the Bible it says we only live once. There are a lot of reasons it could seem like a person has lived before. If this Chicago woman was a good person, she is not here in the form of a little boy, she is with her loved ones who knew her. God would not take you away from your family or other purpose and make you live life again.

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