Comcast customer in Chicago area receives bill addressed to ‘Super B—-‘

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ADDISON, Ill. -- Mary Bauer, 63, of Addison says the first thing she does when she gets home from work is flip on her TV.

Her signal is brought in to her home by Comcast. But it took months, Mary says, to finally get on a consistent basis.  She says her cable continually kept shutting off, and she had to keep calling to get it fixed.

“I had 39 technicians here from November to April,” she said.

Someone along the way, Mary says, finally got it right, but then she says her bills stopped showing up - four months in a row.

“I was nice enough to call them to ask how much I owe,” she said. “I was little hot and a little angry because I never got good service.” But she says she didn’t swear or call them names.

It was not an usual complaint, but when Mary got her bill today…

“It says Super B---- Bauer,” she said. “This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I do not deserve this.”

Just a couple weeks ago, a couple in Washington got a bill that was address to “A—Brown” when they tried to cancel their service.

In Mary’s case, Comcast told WGN “We are investigating this thoroughly and will reach out to our customer."


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  • Martin

    ive been with Comcast for almost 10 years. Theyre expensive, for sure but ive never had a negative interaction ONCE! No i dont work for them and im a little disappointed in hearing these stories…

  • Stacy

    Comcast used to be a good company over 8 years ago. I used to recommend Comcast forever ago and now I hate their company. I have nothing good to say about them.

    • Mike Payne (@CTAGray)

      I was a Field Tech for 35yrs., believe me it’s usually not the Company — it’s the Technical proficiency of whichever Tech you happen get. You can get a bunch who don’t know where their own rear end is (son, nephew, frat buddy), so obviously they won’t repair your service; then you get a real Tech who actually knows how to fix it for good. That bill is another thing entirely.

  • ejhickey

    Since they sent her a bill with the wrong name on it , my advice to her is that she does not owe the money to Comcast and does not owe any late fees for late payments . Further Comcast cannot even shut off her service until they first get her name right. So for now , she is entitled to free cable

  • Donald Meroni

    They need to be very humble and not only fire the employee or employees involved with this make them personally apologize and the company needs to give her a yr of free services for this horrible treatment! I think it is a disgrace and not funny or professional at all!

  • john

    Unfortunately, ATT’s connection and tech support are worse in my experience. Their infrastructure is decaying and nobody knows how to repair it when your connection fails. So even tho I hate ComCast (for a number of reasons) I use them…it’s the evil of two lessers.

  • pam

    Well anyone that lives in Addison know this lady is capable to driving an employee to writing such a thing. This woman is a total nut case. She has treated people in town very rude and used dirty language worst than what that employee wrote. Mary Bauer should be ashamed of herself for even appearing on the TV and acting like she is a victim.

  • doris

    We got rid of Comcast after a work order we put in had been cancelled. Neither my husband nor I had cancelled it. Comcast did because I had the nerve to place a second call inquiring when our cable would be repaired. We got a dish and never regretted it.

  • empresstrudy

    Come on they’re not even trying not to troll you anymore. If I were Comcast I’d cackle hysterically and double everyone’s bills.

  • Matthew

    Aren’t monopolies great? How can you get rid of them? No matter how bad they are, they are the one and only choice in many regions. I hate them but they are the only internet provider available for my apartment building. They keep raising my rates too. Started at $29.99 for internet – then they raised it to $45. Soon it will be up to $55, they tell me. I could switch to… not having the internet. That is my other choice. Great.

  • Jack

    Comcast really does make hating them too easy. Perhaps they’re run by some sort of evil alien race that feeds off negative human emotion?

  • jason

    i am a current comcast corporate employee. Let me tell you, there are many of us, many, that hate it to see these things happen. When we read things like this we hate that the employees that you have to interact with can ruin our reputation and sill the hard work that many of us put a lot of time into. Most of us really care about your experience, we think about what you want and need as a customer. But out of all of this we leave our reputation in the hands of a person who may 1) hate their job. 2) not be a people person. 3) just flat out have no common sense. Please know that there are many good people here and don’t let these incidents mare we we try to do.

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