Super Bowl Blizzard officially Chicago’s 5th largest snowstorm

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CHICAGO -- Sunday’s blizzard produced one of the biggest single storm snow tallies in the 130 year term of official observational snow records in Chicago.

The 19.3 inches of snow which fell at O’Hare and the 19.2″ at Midway Airport Sunday ranks 5th among the city’s biggest snowstorms.  Sunday’s area storm accumulations included 22 inches of snow at Lincolnshire, 21.5 inches at Oak Lawn, 20.8 inches at Elmhurst, 20 inches at Rogers Park and Sauk Village, and 19.7 inches at Lincolnwood .

The system produced the biggest snow in Chicago since the Ground Hog’s Day blizzard of 2011 and laid down more than twice the snow which typically falls in the entire month of February (9.1″) and generated Chicago biggest calender day snow tally on the books (16.2″)  of any February since official snow records began here in 1884-85.

Click here to read Tom Skilling's full blog post on the 2015 blizzard.

Data pix.

Chicago’s airport storm totals:

O’Hare Airport  19.3 inches (official)

Midway Airport 19.2 inches (Frank Wachowski)

The addition snowfall that fell late Sunday and early Monday morning now makes this storm the city’s 5th heaviest snowstorm.

1. 23.0 inches January 26-27, 1967  The Big Snow

2. 21.6 inches January 1-3, 1999 The New Year’s Storm

3. 21.2 inches January 31-February 2, 2011 Groundhog Day Blizzard

4. 20.3 inches January 12-14, 1979 Blizzard of 79

5. 19.3 inches  January 31-February 2, 2015   The Super Bowl Blizzard

6. 19.2 inches March 25-26, 1930

7. 16.2 inches March 7-8, 1931

8. 14.9 inches January 30, 1939

9. 14.9 inches January 6-7, 1918

10. 14.8 inches December 17-19, 1929

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  • Mr Mayor ?

    Mr Mayor
    When are the side streets & alleys going to be cleared?
    How can a city like Chicago who is no stranger to snow,
    not have the resources or a better plan when we get these big snow events?
    Other major cities seem to not have nearly the problem or lengthly time issues that we have with snow removal on the thousands of residential streets that we have with snow removal of the side streets n alley’s.

    This is always a big issue and after over 50 plus years it truly shouldn’t have to be.

    I don’t want to hear we are “doing our best”
    I want to hear that the city is buying more equipment or hiring private companies to help when the city can’t get it done in a timely manner.
    This is complete BS.
    The city ticket & taxes us for everything but breathing and yet people have to miss work and children have to miss school because the city can’t get the work done.
    In addition if our neighbors or we don’t shovel are sidewalks we have to pay a fine.
    How about the city reimburses us when we have to miss work when they don’t clear the streets?

    • Steve M

      Learn some math. Then logic will follow. 19″ of snow is nothing to sneeze about and you couldn’t pay enough taxes to vaporize the snow in a few hours.

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