Emanuel encourages Chicagoans to check on elderly, disabled during blizzard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the heads of other Chicago agencies spoke at a news conference Sunday about how the city is handling the snow.

A Blizzard Warning is in effect for Cook, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, DeKalb, Kendall, Will and Lake counties as well as Lake County, Indiana, and Kenosha County in Wisconsin. Click here for the latest updates from ChicagoWeatherCenter.com.

"The streets will stay plowed and passable, and people will be safe and secure," Emanuel said. He also encouraged Chicagoans to check on the elderly and those who are disabled.

"While we're always 'the city of big shoulders,' part of our character is also making sure those who need help know we're all here from public health all the way to Streets and Sanitation, and every other department that's between," he said.

In response to the heavy snowfall, the city of Chicago said it has added 30 "quick-hitch" snowplows to a full complement of snow plows and salt spreaders that had been deployed since Saturday night. More than 350 snow removal vehicles are out, focusing on main streets before moving to neighborhoods.

Chicagoans can go online to track snow plows on ChicagoShovels.org. The streets and sanitation department also has a Twitter account that will post updates.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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1 Comment

  • Atta boy Rahm

    1st thing 1st. Glad to see the mayor on tv saying check on your neighbors, elderly & handicap that should really go without having to say.

    What is should go equally without saying is the following:
    How about instead of making a big deal about the great efforts of the snow removal on Lake Shore Drive, Michigan Ave & the Gold Coast.
    Let’s talk about the down right lack luster efforts of not taking care of the other neighbor hoods main streets, side streets, and alleys such is really the stays quo always have.
    After all if one would count city tax payer $ of all the homes on the residential side streets compared to business I am sure they are equally important?

    While I have lived in Chicago for almost 30 years I realize those side streets & alleys take a back seat and I understand the reasoning.
    However, when side streets have over 14+ inches on them and the alleys are impassible I would think that instead of blaming the snow storm ( this is not our 1st day at the rodeo with major snow amounts) maybe further thought should go into how the city can either buy more snow equipment or sub contract private snow removal firms to pick up the slack of the city.

    After all what’s fair is fair if the city expects home ownersand business owners to remove the snow on the city owned side streets sidewalks in from of their houses or businesses Or PAY FINES for not removing the snow,

    then the city should have the responsibility for removing the snow on the side streets & alley ways just as quickly so people can get to work to pay the fines that the city imposes on them for not removing the snow on their city owned sidewalks?
    It’s worth considering ?