CTA subways to upgrade to 4G service in $32.5 million deal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Blue and Red Line riders, better wireless service is soon coming to the subways.

The CTA made a $32.5 million deal with four wireless providers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.  The deal will bring 4G service to Blue and Red Line tunnels and subways.

The service will be phased in station by station, to make Chicago the city with the largest U.S. public transportation system with 4G coverage in all of its subways.

The work should be done by the end of the year.

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  • Rob

    C’mon…..really 4G wireless is more important than fixing the SLOW ZONES that Blue Line have been enduring the last few years. CTA and politicians get your act together.

  • Spend That $

    Spending money Spending money
    That’s what we do in Chicago
    We close over 50 schools, children don’t need them anyway.
    We promise free college for getting good not great grades with money we don’t have.
    The police have to buy their own protective vests even though the city can’t or won’t take corrective action to curtail the spiraling out of control crime rate increase.
    We over tax our citizens of the city for everything.
    We mail tickets for red light or spending camera violations that double or triple if not paid, yet our very own mayor does it quite frequently from what I hear and really cares not of the positive role model he should be.
    Now we throw millions at an almost if not antiquated celluar service upgrade that most riders on the CTA really won’t see real benefits from, instead of fixing train tracks, platforms and reinvesting into newer train equipment and cars.
    Atta boy Rahman keep up the outstanding leadership and financial mind set.
    But hey, it’s not my job. That’s the phrase of the day, right?

    • JackR

      The closed schools were because of low enrollment – why pay for 5 classes when you can consolidate them into 4 and have them be the same size as the rest of the schools?
      The cost of paying for a student’s community college will be far outweighed by the increase in their taxable earnings and discretionary income, going to area businesses.
      They get a stipend for their vests so while they have to buy them, they get money each year to compensate them for doing so.
      That’s subjective.
      The mayor wasn’t driving when those red light tickets were received, he was just in the car at the time (his motorcade got the tickets when all of the cars couldn’t clear the light together) but he is still paying them.
      Are you upset that they aren’t upgrading it more or that they’re upgrading it too much? I can’t tell because you call the system antiquated but then say they are spending too much money doing it. You need to pick one or the other.