Video shows student slamming teacher to floor for allegedly taking phone away

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PATERSON, N.J. — A ninth-grade student in New Jersey has been arrested after he was videotaped assaulting a teacher in a classroom.

The reason for the attack? The teacher had allegedly taken away the student’s cell phone.

A school official told the incident happened during a physics class. The teacher is reportedly 62 years old, the student 16 years old.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows the teen take hold of the teacher, knocking him into an empty desk before slamming him to the floor.

A classmate recorded the assault, and at the end someone can be heard yelling, “Security.”

None of the other students are seen rushing to the teacher’s defense.

According to, school officials said criminal charges were filed after the incident, which reportedly occurred on Tuesday. The student has also been suspended.

The teenager was charged with third-degree aggravated assault.

The incident reportedly began when the teacher confiscated a cell phone —  which belonged to the assailant — from another student.

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  • Alice

    I can’t believe this! Kids these days have no respect. The student should be focused more in his education than a cell phone, especially considering he’s 16 and only a freshman.

    • Diane

      Mayor deBlasio of New York City , just introduced or passed a law to allow all public school children to HAVE cell phones in class Mayor deBlasio claims it is a parent right to have immediate contact with their kids at all times and teachers will just have to adapt.

  • FishMan

    The Kids that Just stood around when a Fellow Man needed Help. That’s the Real Story. Yes, The Black Thing Too. As Much will say it is racist. Grow up where I did. Englewood. You don’t live there but you will make a comment from the suburbs. This is a Black Thing. 40 Years of Welfare. Who in their Right Mind would ever do that do a Teacher.

  • Porlisa

    Everybody involved handled this the wrong way – 1) Even if the boy was using the phone in class, the teacher didn’t have any reason to take it. Tell him to turn it off, and if he continues, call the office and let the administrators deal with it, i.e. security then suspension, etc. 2) it goes without saying the boy shouldn’t have done what he did.; 3) I was immediately struck by the lack of intervention by the other students. If that’s their friend, they wouldn’t and shouldn’t want him to get in trouble, which is going to happen after this. And not at least try to stop what’s going on, even if not a fan of the teacher, just try to stop it.

    • Thomas Haile

      Maybe the other kids were afraid to intervene. If this kid was willing to attack a grown man how do you think he felt about his classmates?

    • imjusttoogreat

      WRONG!! the totally worthless piece of she ot had NO right having a cell phone in class, period. when it was told to give it to the teacher, it had NO right doing anything other than what it was told.
      of course, you are totally correct about the rest of the trash in the classroom. they are all the same kind of garbage who stood around watching kitty genovese murdered

    • Dave

      Even if the teacher was wrong to take away the phone – and I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the teacher – the kid does what the teacher says and complains to parents/administrators later if he feels he was wronged. He doesn’t mug the teacher. He now needs to go to juvenile hall and then reform/continuation school where kids go who don’t know how to behave civilly and he loses the right to mix with the general student/teacher population.

  • Thomas Haile

    The parents should be held accountable. It’s their job to raise their kids. If their kids are doing this the parents didn’t do their job. Let them go to jail. This punk is in 9th grade. What’s he going to be like by the time he’s supposed to graduate? He’ll be a monster roaming the streets.

    • jim woodward

      for sure, it’s obvious that the parents did not raise the punk right. however, it is now plenty old enough to know that it has no right attacking anyone.
      you’re right. garbage smells more the older it gets. it needs to be taken out before it stinks up the whole house

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