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E-cigarettes can produce more formaldehyde than regular cigarettes: study

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CHICAGO — Remember the chemical used in biology class that preserved the animal you were dissecting?

Well, a new study has found that more of that chemical, formaldehyde, is found in the vapors of e-cigarettes than in traditional cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde can cause leukemia and cancer.

Researchers say 10 puffs from an e-cigarette could expose a user to 2-and-a-half times more formaldehyde than he would get form smoking a single tobacco cigarette, increasing the cancer risk.

Click here for the full study.


  • Not A. Sheep

    Fear mongering at its finest! Did WGN even read the “study” before printing this article?
    Researchers found formaldehyde hemiacetals (a combination of formaldehyde and alcohols) not formaldehyde. Remember, formaldehyde is present everywhere. It is found in every person, smokers and nonsmokers alike, and can occur anytime hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are in the presence of each other.
    The individuals running this “study” purposely overheated atomizers to increase the presence of formaldehyde. The wicking material was being burned and causing incorrect readings.
    The only thing this study is doing is making it more difficult for people to stop smoking. Stop fear mongering WGN.

  • Brian K

    Booo! WGN shame on you! This “study” that your web desk so irresponsibly reported on is obviously a total shame! Why not persue the real scoop on how big tobacco is loosing millions due to ecigarettes helping record numbers quit smoking. I would think a story about how they are resorting to propaganda and misinformation like that “study,” would be a far better piece to give the public. Unless, your in bed with them too WGN.

  • kenny

    This study brought to you by the TOBACCO LOBBY. I’ve vaped for 6 years steadily and feel so much healthier. Can work out at the gym with no shortness of breath and feel energetic. When I walk outside during the winter, I’m not coughing up that disgusting phlegm that Newports generated.

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