Some Latinos upset at Gov. Rauner’s hiring practices

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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CHICAGO -- Governor Bruce Rauner held a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser Wednesday at the Chicago Club, in which the money will pay for the governor's transition committee and his inaugural committee.

It's been a busy week for the new Republican governor. As most new governors do, Rauner has been hiring and firing people he wants close to him.

Everyone in state government knows that will happen. But what some members of the Latino community are seeing is that high level positions are being filled -- and "they're" not getting those positions.

Latinos comprise 4% of state government, a number State Senator Iris Martinez says they fought for. Now 19 out of 29 Latino staffers have been let go without an interview and only a couple have been replaced by other Latinos.

Governor Rauner's spokesperson says it's only been a week and that they're not done hiring.  Lance Trouver says Latinos will definitely be hired. He says five staff members are Latino and even the lieutenant governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti, is Hispanic.

But Senator Martinez says she wants Latinos in high-level positions that work closely with the Hispanic community, such as public health and health and family services -- all positions held by non-Latinos.

Four Latino cabinet members were let go. So far no Latinos have been hired to replace them.

Governor Rauner signed an executive order last week that requires unions and companies that do business with the state to report on how many minorities and veterans participate in apprenticeship and training programs.

His spokesperson points to that as proof Governor Rauner is serious about helping minorities.

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  • Bo

    Just because your a certain race doesn’t mean you should get the job. I’m white and been trying to get a job with the state for 15 yrs I passed all their test and requirements etc.

  • Moving On

    Did Sen. Martinez cry about non-Latinos holding the public health and health and family services agency head positions under the former democratic governor? If so, I must have missed the news story. If not, why on earth would she believe it would be more appropriate to object to hires made by a newly-elected governor who isn’t a democrat such as she? Give me a break, your candidate lost, need to get over it. I do recall that Rauner ran on the premise that he could not be dictated to by the likes of special interests, legislators, etc– that’s in part why Rauner won!! We saw enough of what her kind of pressure results in per Quinn’s NRI program backers– and yes, most of us are tired of it!! As an aside, the news article fails to mention that some of the agency positions referenced were granted to African Americans by Rauner; I guess that is of no consequence. And as far as “19 of 29 staffers”, who are we talking about– Rauners senior staff in the governor’s office– he gets to hire whom he chooses in those positions and he doesn’t need Sen. Martinez’ permission or approval!!

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