City of Chicago: Shovel your sidewalk or get ticketed $50

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We haven’t gotten much snow this winter, and that could save you money if you don’t want to shovel.

The city of Chicago has been cracking down since the start of the year on people or businesses that aren’t shoveling their sidewalks.

DNA info reports that a city ordinance requires sidewalks cleared or else you face a fine.

For homeowners it’s $50.

Businesses can be fined up to a $1,000 each day.

The city received about 800 shoveling complaints through January 16.

They issued 57 tickets.

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  • Shovel or pay a fine? Hmm

    That’s nice, the city is going to fine me if I don’t shovel their/our common sidewalk?
    For starters:
    How about the city plow their alleys and side streets in a more timely manner so I can get to work to pay the bills, get food for the family and get to a doctors appointment?
    Kind of hypocritical the city is, that they are quick to cash in on a non shoveled residential sidewalk but a side street where we live can go over a week or more not getting salted and plowed.
    Let’s not even talk about their responsibility regarding their alley ways.
    I think enough taxes are paid.

    • johnstoner

      And if you don’t shovel and someone slips, falls and gets injured, they can also sue you. Speaking as a guy who walks with a cane, I think about suing the neighbors who don’t shovel a lot more than the ones who do. If it looks like you made an honest effort, I’m a lot more forgiving.

  • Maribeth Kasik

    Since the sidewalk is “city property”, the city should be responsible for each block being shoveled and salted. Perhaps give a tax incentive to one home on each block to snowblow the entire block. Shoveling & snow blowing is easy for the young & healthy, but difficult for the frail and elderly.

  • M

    What about those who are unable to shovel their sidewalks due to age or disabilities , and are unable to find/pay for someone to do so ?

  • Enforce the Law.

    Why only 57 tickets out of 800 calls? All sidewalks should be shoveled. Also, the city should clear all corners and bus stops, rather than piling the snow there. What about the IL Dept. of Transportation bldg. at Harlem/Irving/Forest Preserve Drive – their parking lot is always cleared completely to the ground and salted, however they NEVER clear the sidewalks around their building?!

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