13-year-old from Englewood to attend State of the Union as Michelle Obama’s guest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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13-year-old Chicagoan Malik Bryant will be in the house chambers when the president delivers his speech.

The Englewood native wrote a letter to Santa in December, asking for safety for his family instead of gifts.

The letter made its way to the White House, prompting a reply from the president.

First Lady Michelle Obama invited Malik to Washington for Tuesday night’s address.

“I live in a bad neighborhood,  a lot of killing, a lot of violence.  I just wanted to change that, let him know,”  Bryant told WGN-TV from Washington Tuesday.

“We need a change in Chicago. We need it to be safer for little kids, everybody,”  Bryant said.

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  • Hector

    Little man Obama cares less about Englewood and you. If you are not a wall street executive or top 1 percent member he care less.

    • Diane

      While Malik seems like a very nice young man , the reason some folks have taken interest in this story is because the letter in question. It was not sent to the President, it was sent to Santa. A 13 year old boy wrote a letter to Santa . For some of us that seemed a little odd considering his age and believing in Santa Claus.

      But more to the point is the letter itself , Malik’s handwriting , his word choice ,and sentence structure highlighted the lack of English comp skills this child has…….. or worse, the poor eduction he is receiving from CPS. Also his speaking skills show a lack of education or special needs as demonstrated in the above video. Even referring to his hosts as Obama and Michelle. A little too informal.

      And it was not the President who extended the invitation, it was the First Lady who invited Malik to join her in her box for the SOTU address. Malik was not Michelle’s first choice but Mrs. Obama had been publicly turned down by various adults who declined her invitation. The results being asking a child to sit with her was a safe P.R. move.
      The other who accepted her invitation were also students.

  • cyber loitering

    Not sure if it’s the education system. Unfortunately, most kids in his neighborhood don’t have patents that are involved in their child’s education (reviewing homework, making reading a priority, etc.).

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