8 charged in West Englewood dog fighting ring

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


CHICAGO — Eight people are charged in a dog fighting ring in West Englewood.

Four wounded pit bulls were discovered Sunday night in a home at 66th and Winchester.

Police say Jawaan Chick was the breeder. He’s charged with felony dog fighting. Chick and Shaquille Middleton are being held without bond.

Six other people are charged with attending a dogfight. Most of them are being held on ten thousand dollars bond.

The dogs have been turned over to animal control.

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  • Sharon

    Chicago Judicial Systems needs to lock them up and throws away the key!
    Spectators are just as VILE!
    They are capable of anything! Drug Dealing!Child abuse! elder abuse! Robbery! Murder!
    I look at my 2 beautiful loving intelligent adopted Pit Bulls. Both young females overbred and thrown out, found emaciated and half dead.
    Chicago has become a cesspool of monsters like these!
    My tourism dollars will skip Chicago my next trip. I did not appreciate being called names by your
    Street people and dope heads loitering. They made your beautiful fine city Ugly!
    I also am very vocal, live off major highway have a RV and stay at RV parks nationwide and will not be recommending touring this ghetto city till it is CLEANED UP!
    My sympathies to Mayor Rohm Emanuel you inherited a mess!

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