Wrigley bleachers won’t be ready until early May

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Cubs knew the 26 week time table to get the bleachers ready in time for opening night on April 5th would be a tight one and they just aren’t going to make it. Those who have season tickets in the bleachers aren’t out of luck but they were disappointed.

From the moment crews started tearing down the bleachers the Cubs knew everything would have to go very smoothly for the first phase of their multi-year half a billion dollar renovation plan to be ready for opening day.

“With doing it right and responsibly sometimes it’s going to take a little more time to get it done.”

The Cubs announcing at their convention this afternoon the left field bleachers will not be ready until early May, while the right field bleachers won’t be ready until late May.  Weather and other unforeseen delays slowed down construction.

Bleacher season ticket holders like Scott Stombough and his buddy David Tobias got an email this afternoon from the Cubs that outlined their options for the 15 home games the bleachers won’t be ready for.  They can either get a refund on their tickets or get a credited on their account or exchange them for a different seat in the stadium.

“I understand it and it sounds like it’s going to be well worth it going forward so if this is the sacrifice so be it.”

Right now Tobias is leaning toward getting a refund and buying new tickets to games he'll miss while Scott isn’t sure which way hell go.  He has until January 29th to tell the cubs.

“Our goal was to be thoughtful about this to season ticket holders flexible and fair.”

The Cubs also announcing some areas of the stadium will be under construction during the season and work will continue on game days. The video sign in left field will be ready by April 5th but the one in right will not.  The video boards will have the look of the iconic Wrigley scoreboard but show replays of the game along with stats some behind the scenes footage and some Cubs history.

“Here’s the windup here’s the pitch that’s strike three.”

Regardless of the delays Cubs fans seem more concerned with what will happen on the field rather than what’s going on around it.

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  • Friday

    Construction contractor: ” Oh, this is the deadline we’re supposed to hit for the completion of the project?”
    Construction contractor: ” Whoops.”

  • biggjim76

    I’m not really big on baseball but man, they couldn’t leave well enough alone. By the looks of this picture, they’ve really ruined a great iconic stadium. And I have read about this so called renovation. It’s like what happened to Soldier Field.

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