18-year-old plans to marry father, have large family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An 18-year-old woman from the Great Lakes region plans to marry her once-estranged father and move to New Jersey, where she says adult incest is legal, according to a recent magazine interview.

New York magazine did a Q&A with the woman, who hadn’t seen her father in 12 years before reuniting with him. According to the report, she was immediately attracted to her father upon meeting him again.

The unnamed couple’s relationship falls under what is known as Genetic Sexual Attraction, a term coined in the ’80s.

New York magazine notes despite the acknowledgement of Genetic Sexual Attraction, these types of relationships are still widely considered taboo — perhaps even more so when the relationship is between a father and daughter.

The daughter told New York magazine she and her father have been dating for nearly two years. She said she lost her virginity to him just days after reuniting with him.

The woman also said she and her father plan to have an unconventional wedding, in New Jersey, with a black and purple color scheme — and the both of them wearing Converse tennis shoes.

She said she plans to have a large family and isn’t worried about her children suffering from any potential ill effects from incest.

When it comes to taboo or potential stigma surrounding her relationship, “Everybody just needs to deal with it,” the woman said.




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  • carol

    Really???? I think they both need psych help. Big time! You ain’t worried about you future children????? You better because if he’s doingbyou, his own daughter, he’ll damm sure do the grandkids. And we worry about teen girls/guys being with older people? We put them in jail what about these two crazies. This is much worse on my book. Geezzzzzz

    • marianne

      Oh dear, this is a crazy world with too many sub normals all over.Well,the state , taxpayers have to deal with the off springs. which hopefully never will be made…The only hope I have is that she or he realizes one day that this is wrong before they reproduce. .

  • Fedup

    Black and purple bunting? Isn’t that what we see over the door of a place in mourning over the death of someone? Maybe it is fitting for their relationship, but don’t worry about the kids, I think she is already genetically defective. Not to mention the father.

  • Jackie

    And, WHY were they estranged? I’m guessing it was either because he left her and her mother when she was a child, or a court order removed him from the family. My guess is he won’t stick around long enough to have a big family with her. Sad situation, to say the least.

  • Elizabeth

    Absolutely completely disgusting. And she’s not worried about ill effects on future children?! What about the fact that they’ll be so much more likely to have health problems or birth defects from having 2 parents that share half of their genes?!!?!!

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