Chicago to expose bad landlords in upcoming list

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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At the Metropolitan Tenants organization, the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"We've been getting tons of calls about heat -- either the heat is broken down and they don't have heat, or it's only 50 degrees in their apartment,” said John Bartlett of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.

It's a common problem in the city of Chicago: bad landlords who don't fix the problems.

“There shouldn't be a different standard for where you live as a landlord and where your tenants live,” said Felicia David, the city of Chicago’s building department commissioner.

The building department, along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office, will be publishing a list of unresponsive landlords in the next two weeks.

“We're really looking at those serious dangerous hazardous conditions absence of smoke detectors, unsafe or hazardous porches … a lack of heat or water,” David said.

If the same landlord has more than three cases filed against him or her in "administrative hearings" within two years, he or she will be put on a list; they could face bigger fines, and be unable to buy city land, make zoning changes, or get a new business license or permit.

“The goal really is to have those landlords come into compliance. Mayor Emanuel isn't shying away from naming names and increasing transparency to make sure they're held accountable,” David said.

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  • LOVE

    Dana, would you interested in a story that could be linked to the Bad Landlord list? What about bad landlord that allows his tenants to be exposed to asbestos just to claim section8 money. I have a bldg. in my neighborhood that was set to do this exact thing with the help of the Village code enforcement department of Maywood, il until I contacted the EPA and they immediately tested found airborne asbestos in the air & hallways of the bldg. to be opened next month by code enforcement.the owner has several other projects going on in the same community and 5 other bldgs. with current tenants potentially living with absetos around children and elderly & section8 families.PANGEA REAL ESTATE DBS PANGEA VALUATIONS LLC is the owner-my contact inform is 630.299.9239-love (please only call no emails).THE ADDRESS OF THE BLDG THAT WAS RECENTLY CITED FOR VIOLATIONS IS 1010 S. 2ND AVE, MAYWOOD, IL 60153 CALL ME IF YOU CARE?

  • nicole

    how do you go about getting on the show? I have a friend that is having horrible mold and the landlord wont fix the problem she is up to date on rent and everything. her drive way ruined her vehicle and costs her thousands in vehicle repair as well, now her mai concern is that her and her children are extremely ill from the black mold that was previously spray painted over and is now seeping out of the walls and water leaking from the ceiling. SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE HELP HER LEASE ISNT UP UNTILL FEB 2016 AND THE LANDLORD REFUSES TO FIX ANYTHING OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT

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