Packers beat Cowboys after crucial call reversal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Green Bay rallied from an 11-point deficit as Aaron Rodgers threw for two fourth-quarter touchdowns to beat Dallas 26-21 Sunday in an NFC divisional-round playoff.

The Packers (13-4), helped immensely by a video reversal with 4:06 remaining, went undefeated at Lambeau Field this season. They head to Seattle for the NFC title game. The Seahawks (13-4) beat Green Bay in the season opener 36-16.

Dez Bryant’s leaping catch at the Packers 1 on fourth-and-2 was reversed by referee Gene Steratore after Green Bay challenged.

Instead of first-and-goal for Dallas (13-5), the ball went over to the Packers.

The Cowboys’ first postseason trip to Green Bay since the 1967 Ice Bowl for the NFL championship was their first road defeat of the season after eight victories.

All-Pro Rodgers, bothered by a left calf injury hit Davante Adams for a 41-yard score to make it 21-20, and threw a 13-yard bullet to backup tight end Richard Rodgers for the lead.

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  • Sean

    A packer receiver “catches” a ball that hits the ground as he caught it so refs call good catch. Cowboy receiver catches the ball and has it hit the ground after he catches it, takes a few steps, and stretches for the end zone, and refs say no catch. Yeah, no favoritism going on there.

      • ChicagoCommonSense

        A) the catch by Cobb was not confirmed, meaning there wasn’t sufficient evidence to overturn it. From one angle, it looked like it might have hit the ground. From the other it looked like it hit his hands and never hit the ground.

        B) the rule book clearly gives the reason why the Bryant catch was overturned. Your blind hatred for the Packers makes you refuse to see that. And he didn’t take two or three steps with control of the ball. It was moving in his hands for a bit, but he did get control before he went to the ground. BUT, in this case he has to maintain possession of the ball throughout the entire act of the catch since he’s going to the ground…which he did not. Stupid rule, but interpreted correctly in this case.

        C) do you fools really think the Cowboys were going to stop the Packers from at least getting a FG with 4:30 minutes left? They couldn’t stop them to get the ball back. They took a knee at the fifteen yard line. Face it…you’re a couple of bitter and unintelligent Bears fans. Go drink yourself into a stupor.

  • ChicagoCommonSense

    The Packers NEVER trailed by 11 points in the game. Biggest margin was 8 when it was 21-13. Get your facts straight WGN.

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