Ford City Mall says no unaccompanied teens on weekend evenings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — The Ford City Mall is cracking down on groups of teenagers who hang out at the mall on weekends.

Starting February 13th, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00 till closing time.

A Chicago Police substation will be set up at the mall, and police patrols will be increased.

Unsupervised teens will be asked to leave.

The new owners of Ford City say they intend to restore the mall’s image as a premier shopping destination.

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    • imjusttoogreat

      that’s not likely. there is no cure for stupid. the past couple of generations has just gotten ever more stupid.
      in a few years, they will be stupid twenty somethings, and breeding.
      at any rate, teenagers have no right to be just hanging around a mall. it is a business, not a gathering place

      • Leah

        You’re right, there is no cure for stupid. But your comment borderlines stupid with the grammatical errors. Along with your name “Imjusttoogreat” clearly you’re also falling into the stupid generation. Teenagers have every right to be hanging out at a mall. It’s better than them hanging out in the street being hoodlums and in gangs. I am far older than a teenager, but where else do you want kids to hang out?

      • Christine S.

        Did you skip right over adolescence, or did your town just not have a mall? Teenagers and malls have been a pairing since the dawn of time. It was only when the teens evolved into a dangerous herd of ill-behaved thug wannabes that this become a problem.

  • rocky

    Of course white realists understand which race is responsible for all the trouble at Ford City but we are not supposed to notice or comment on it in any way or be called a racist.

    • Leah

      Oh yeah, it’s all the white people.. All the white people are responsible for the trouble at Ford City. What are you trying to say, Rocky? I’m sorry but no matter where you go, it has NOTHING to do with race, it has to do with poverty, upbringing, and environment. It’s not kids who are the problem, it’s the world.. It’s people like YOU.

      • Goldie Woodward

        WRONG!! first of all, there are NO grammatical errors in my other comment. i simply don’t capitalize because it wastes too much time.
        anyway, no, teenagers do NOT have a right to just hang out in malls. a mall is private property, and the management can refuse service to them for ANY reason. a mall is a business. if they are not there to patronize a business, they have no right being there.
        they can hang out on the porch of their home where their parents can see what they’re doing

      • Goldie Woodward

        well leah, you get to be half right. it does have absolutely nothing to do with race. obviously, it has nothing to do with poverty either. until you can prove that ALL, or at least a majority, of poor people become criminals, poverty has no relevance. the same applies to environment, or any other excuse you try to find. the ONLY cause of crime is the worthlessness of the individual.
        my email address has been imjusttoogreat since i first got a computer. i do not have a self esteem problem. i let every one know the truth from the gate

  • Goldie Woodward

    christine S. actually, yes, i pretty much did skip adolescence. as the oldest of nine kids, from the time i was 12 until i was 16, i had to work every day after school, and on weekends so that my family could eat. when i was done working, i went home and did my homework
    and no, the closest mall to where i lived was 35 miles away. we had a theater in town, but there was no place for kids to hang out. when i got a little bit of time to hang out, it was either at my, or a friend’s house.
    i did it fifty years ago. there is NO excuse for everyone not having the character to do it now