Chicago Cubs and WGN-TV sign new broadcast rights agreement, the tradition continues

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs and Tribune Broadcasting’s WGN-TV today announced a new 5-year agreement under which the local station will televise 45 games annually beginning with the 2015 season. This new agreement continues a broadcasting partnership that spans more than 60 years. Specific terms of the agreement were not released.

As part of the new agreement, broadcasters Jim Deshaies and Len Kasper will become employees of the Chicago Cubs after previously being employed through WGN-TV.

“Cubs fans have grown accustomed to watching Cubs baseball on WGN since 1948, so we are pleased to continue this longstanding tradition through our new broadcast agreement,” said CubsPresident of Business Operations Crane Kenney. “We are very excited to begin a new chapter ofCubs baseball with WGN and welcome Jim Deshaies and Len Kasper, two of the best broadcasters in
the business, as teammates in our organization.”

“We’re pleased to enter into this new agreement, which continues our longstanding, historic partnership with the Cubs and we’re looking forward to some great baseball,” said Larry Wert, President of Broadcast Media for Tribune Media. “The positive moves made by the Cubs, including the hiring of Joe Maddon, the signing of Jon Lester, and the club’s investment in Wrigleyville will be great for our city. We believe in the Cubs and the Ricketts family, and we look forward to growing the fan base even further for both the Cubs and WGN-TV.”

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  • Mark Van Pelt

    So now all the loyal Cub fans all over the country will no longer be able to watch Cub games? Nice. Oh well there is always reruns of how I met your mother fantastic !!

  • Rhoda

    I am very disappointed that you are only going to show 45 Cubs games on WGN. WGN needs to carry at least 100 games and or all the home games..!! I really miss not being able to view more games. I am very limited to the baseball games that are televised in Mississippi. RK

  • Carolyn Wendte

    I am very disappointed that Chicago Cubs games have been taken off of WGN. I have watched these games since I was a kid with my relatives and thought this could be a tradition for the future generations. So many people in our area are avid Cardinal fans, but we could always rely on WGN carrying the Cubs so we could see our favorite team. Very sad and upset this has been changed. Please reconsider and put Chicago Cub games back on WGN.

  • pat

    I am very disappointed that I am no longer able to watch the Cubs on WGN. I live in California now but lived in Manhattan Kansas for a few months and started watching the Cubs games. and I was hooked move back to California and really missed the games and was so excited when we got cable and WGN. that was close to 35 years ago and I’ve been a loyal fan since my daughter was born a Cubs fan. what makes this even worse and that my TV provider does not offer MLB Extra Innings. so we are just out of luck. I think WGN America should work with WGN TV and come up with a way Keep America watching the Cubs.

  • Ryan

    WGN was the whole reason I became a Cubs fan in the first place!! I am 34 years old and have been watching Chicago Cubs baseball ever since I was 8 years old!! I remember rushing home from school everyday to catch the 1 o’clock game before it ended. Even though most seasons were a bust it was always entertaining listening to the late great Harry Caray and Steve Stone! I was consumed by it since the first time I turned it on! When I graduated high school I went straight into the Navy and no matter where I was in the country I could always count on WGN to air my beloved Cubs games. It was very comforting to me and now that this great tradition is over, it all but ripped the very soul out of my body!!! You have no idea how upsetting this is for all of us die hard fans across this great Nation!!!!

  • jim berry

    so why are so many games of WGN blocked out by cable companies…and regular WGN Sunday cubs games are GONE regular programing is substituted so how is it that WGN thinks this is a good deal….no one can see the games ?

  • Paul R.

    I thought the whole idea was to attract as many viewers as possible to attract national sponsors to pay big $$$ to advertise? Isn’t that how Fox, ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, TBS, do it? I don’t know how you can pay for rights and make money to broadcast with just local (like old days haha) Danley garage builders,Dura-Fab upholstery, or Lincoln/Empire carpet commercials?

  • Dave G.

    I am a die hard Cub fan living in Yankee country, for years I have endured the ridicule, now the Cubs are actually worth watching and WGN is not carrying them in up-state NY, what gives? We want our Cubs games back now!

  • Rick D

    This is atrocious. WGN has always been the home of the Cubs regardless of your location, and now we are stuck with some bogus cop show and a bunch of lousy reruns? Shame on you WGN…

  • bill madson

    hey wgn you have got to be kidding. i’ve lived in 4 differrent states and have done lot’s of traveling with lots of hotel stays and i was always able to see my cubs play.i became a loyal cub fan in1983 i live in pine knoll shores nc and until last year was very happy watching my cubs play. now i get no games[time warner cable wgn channel 2 ] i am not a happy camper!! do something about it soon bill

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