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5-year-old boy found stuck on bus alone in freezing cold

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A 5-year-old young boy was stuck on a bus for an hour and a half, alone, until someone found him Wednesday night.

"It's a horrible feeling … to think about all the things that could have happened," Whitney Nelson, the boy's mother, said.

The boy never got off the bus that took him from school to after school care.

The mother said she came to the after school care center, but couldn't  find him.

The child had reportedly fallen asleep on the bus. They eventually found the boy still on the bus.

The school, Nelson said, never followed up with the mother as she searched for the boy.

The boy was cold and scared when he was taken off the bus, but he's expected to be OK.

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  • carol

    For the last 5 years or so , this is happening everywhere. People are just irresponsible as hell now. It happened to my grandson twice . My daughter complained the first time to the principal, and the second time to everybody including the bus depot. But it continued to happen to other kids as well afterwards. Our society has just be one so dependant on everybody doing the “work” do them, thst they have lost any sense of responsibility. It’s a really a shame!

  • Stupidity

    Nobody is perfect .
    However, the school, bus company should have more than just the driver being required to check their busses after dropping off the children. Maybe the fat cat administrators who’s job it is to run the business should get out of their chairs and be required to physically walk through each bus after the route. Let’s not keep passing the buck always down to a supervisor or driver. These administrators make a decent buck and the exercise would do them well.
    That way it would almost be assured that if 3 people walk a bus lessen the chances of a tragedy.

    • Lisa

      i am a bus driver and i will tell you this the driver and or monitor did not do there job. You cannot turn off your buss without having to walk the length of it to check for sleeping kids. All of my coworkers and I take our jobs very seriously, those are our babies that we need to make sure get to school and from school back home safe. whoever was driving that bus and if there was an monitor on the bus with them both of them need to loos their job. Driving school bus is not just any old job it is a big responsibility.

      • Whitney Nelson

        Bless you for what you do, sure you have saved much heartache. Keep up the great work, I wish you were my sons driver…

  • idlehands

    Aren’t bus drivers supposed to check all of the seats before they get off the bus to make sure things like this don’t happen? Looks like there’s going to be a new job opening for a school bus driver.

  • Carolistic

    Oh no….Carol. You’re always wasting time with literary criticism of WGN because of typos. Shouldn’t throw stones when you write like a second grader. Now, go back to your part time job at the post office and don’t forget to do two “I’m really sorries” at Catholigious Mass tonight.

  • Whitney Nelson

    This 5 year old was my child… Thanks for the moral support, although there has been negative as well. I’m so grateful I can hug and kiss him every night since then regardless! All though not much follow up from the schools, Thanks @wgn for hearing our story and taking it seriously. I’m so grateful.

  • Whitney Nelson

    To anyone who had to say As his mother my name is Whitney Nelson and anyone who has or had anything negative to say about about my poor child I feel so sorry for you. This was serious I could have lost my child, the reason I live, work so hard and breath. Thanks again for those that supported our family during this time. Everyone else…must not be a parent or be privileged to sit at home and wave to their kid off on the bus at 9am…late morning with no job. Either way, no Child deserved this type of negligence not mine or ANY OTHER. And I will be an advocate from here on out …unacceptable …thank you everyone.

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