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We ask Chicagoans: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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1 Comment

  • Concernedforkids

    Lets see….My New Years Resolution? I have several….First; to get familes to be families again. Meaning visiting, reunions, sticking up for each other no matter what… may not like something they do or did, but they are FAMILY. Dislike what they did, love them because they are family. Dont shield them from consequences to their actions and they probably wouldnt have done something else, like whatever it is they did, THIS TIME…..Did you get that? Stop Coddling and Raising Criminals, then turning them out in the street so they don’t ¨bother you¨.
    Second: Get new Legislation Passed for Kids in Foster Care; not to linger and be returned to parents over and over again who are not going to change!¨ The parents know that too, so they ¨work” the system to the detriment of the kids. Sad as hell. Toooo may children are returned to parents, from infancy to teenagers, ( when they become essentially un-adoptable or less likely to be.) Anymore a child over 8 years old is almost impossible to place let alone adopt because of the things they have been through over and over. No excuses for this! NONE! The two year rule of thumb policy is NOT what it professes to be. Just a bad excuse for bad parenting, so they can return the kids! SO get with the program social services (nobody is perfect, but many parents can definitely do better or dont have kids). Judges need to be listening too! And please stop loosing paperwork, how long did you guys go to school anyway?

    Third: Why, World Peace, of course!

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