Chicago crime and murders at historic lows

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Chicago police say 2014 ended with historic lows in crime and murders.

Police said they recorded the fewest murders since 1965.

Still, the last murder of the year was recorded yesterday, when a masked gunman followed a tow truck driver into a tire shop office and fatally shot him on the South Side.

The man, identified as Reginald Jones, was taken to Jackson Park Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Four other people were shot and wounded in separate shootings on New Year's Eve.

Police superintendent Garry McCarthy said the overall crime rate fell by 15 percent in 2014.  He says that's due to community policing, putting more officers in high crime areas and intervening in gang conflicts.   But shootings were up.

Police say as long as there are so many illegal guns on the streets, they will face an uphill battle.

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    • silent_screamer

      Could the reason for the crime rate is being reported as ” a historic low ” is because the mayor is now facing opponent in his up coming election in a few weeks? hmm.
      Sort of reminds me of how the last presidential election massaged the numbers for ( housing , jobs, national debt, race relations, crime } to attract low-info voters…….And it worked for Obama

  • Diane

    NYC’s crime rate is also expected to go down. That because law enforcement is no longer going to respond to incidents like ‘ the guy next door is slapping his girlfriend around and calling her a whore” or ” drugs dealers are operating on my street corner”, Or a bunch of teens just stole my purse and cell phone. And we heard that Illegal immigration is no longer illegal.

    Why risks getting killed after Mayor de Blasio has thrown the police force under the bus for political gain . Less police responses means less paperwork which translates into less crime.

    • Edward Douglas

      Perhaps, if we can not get officers to show up for calls AND not place illegal choke holds, commit police brutality and value human life, the citizens need to start demanding the termination of officers employment! Your attitude seems to be one that if the cops don’t get to act like thugs, they just won’t do their jobs–if they can’t do their jobs, they should not collect a paycheck and the positions filled with candidates that uphold mentioned values.

      • Old Democrat Trick

        Why is no one mentioning that crime doesn’t pay? Your saying its ok to commit crimes, but the police better not harm you for doing so! Pull a weapon on a policeman, and just what do you expect them to do…….

    • Old Democrat Trick

      Your correct. But instead of calling a crime a murder, simply call it self-defense and suddenly crime numbers go way down. It’s all B.S.

  • Steve

    why don’t the higher ups admit that allowing law abiding citizens to legally carry concealed handguns helped to reduce crime in the city. I guess they would also have to take responsibility for the thousands of lives they could have saved if the law allowing CC would have been enacted sooner.

    • Old Democrat Trick

      Those in big government need everyone to rely on the politicians, for everything. Therefore, that will never be admitted. A really sick society we live in as the criminals and politicians are the only ones allowed to protect themselves.

  • Old Democrat Trick

    See what happens when the crimes get re-classified Poof…….Very similar to how the presidents approval rating remains so high; just have to ask the correct demographics.

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