Transgender teen pleads in suicide note: ‘My death needs to mean something’

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A transgendered 17-year-old’s suicide note pleading for others to “fix society” is garnering attention across the country.

According to WLWT, Leelah Alcorn, of Kings Mills, Ohio was born Joshua Alcorn. She was struck and killed by a tractor trailer over the weekend.

Before she died, Leelah wrote a suicide note and posted it on Tumbler.

The lengthly note reads, in part:

“The life I would’ve lived isn’t worth living in… because I’m transgender. I could go into detail explaining why I feel that way, but this note is probably going to be lengthy enough as it is. To put it simply, I feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and I’ve felt that way ever since I was 4.”

Leelah goes on to describe her parents’ lack of acceptance and the loneliness she felt, especially when her friends turned away from her as well.

“People say ‘it gets better’ but that isn’t true in my case. It gets worse. Each day I get worse,” she wrote.

She ended her note by saying, “My death needs to mean something…Fix society. Please.”

Following Leelah’s death, the hashtag #LeelahAlcorn began popping up on social media. People who knew her and even strangers are using the hashtag to raise awareness of her life and the transgender community.


  • imjusttoogreat

    first and foremost, this BOY is an absolute coward. NO ONE has a right to cause actual harm, physical or emotional, to other people, especially family. committing suicide is the most selfish, self centered act of cowardice that it is possible to ever perform.

    nonetheless, the simple, yet irrefutable FACT is that, your gender is determined by what is between your legs when you are born. if you are born a male, you’ll die a male.
    end of story

    • asstalker

      Your comment is just ignorance, topped with stupidity, compounded by an emotional intelligence of about 6 and filled with the insight and depth of a rat…sorry you grew up in a home for wayward what ever the hell you are. This person had more courage in 17 years than you’ll ever have.

      • imjusttoogreat

        damn, you truly are daft. NO ONE with any courage ever commits suicide fool. that is just the way it is in the real world.
        your stupid fantasy doesn’t change anything

    • ChicagoCommonSense

      Garsh…religious nutbags are so intelligent. Why is that those who know nothing are the first to spout their stupid and intolerant opinions?

  • ma

    Not to be little the problem of non acceptance of Transgender individuals but the real issue and tragedy here is someone feeling so lonely and not loved by those closest to her. It breaks my heart.

  • Adam

    so this boy who wanted to be a girl and dressed in girls clothing killed himself because people thought he should act like a boy because he was a boy? yeah. .that makes sense.. that will really help you out.

  • StuckinTx

    i feel bad for the boy and his family however, the struggle is within. There is something with these individuals that no matter if they are accepted or not, there’s a difference in them and I think there’s always that struggle in their mind. We can’t fix something that the rest if us don’t see as broken. We accept our gender…they don’t… and there’s no way to really fix that.

  • lesann100

    Im not an expert on transgendered people, but unless you have a genetic issue like being a Hermaphrodite..or some chromosonal confusion……this problem is a mental health one. Depression, being unhappy with who one is can never be fixed by pretending to be someone else. No amount of dress up in what is believed to be female attire or wearing make up, or if female, where flannels and a chain wallet will make you the opposite sex. Costumes dont make it so. If one has an operation to alter the physical make up of ones body or take hormones…physically, they are still the sex they were born as…chromosomes stay the same. Does a person who tatoos themselves with cat features and has fake whiskers attached to ones face, doesnt make one a cat. If someone claimed to be Jesus, and you dressed in biblical dress…people would think you are dillusional. I believe that doctors have taken advantage of these mentally ill or depressed individuals….helping them to self mutalate…instead of getting to the root of their mental health issues of self hate and depression… Soooo very very sad for this young man and the family he leaves behind. God Bless and hope he finds peace with who he is in heaven.

    • lesann100

      Ps….in addition…transgendered often feel like they are a female or male trapped in the other sex body….if you are not that sex it is completely impossible for you to ever know what it ‘feels’ like to be that sex because you just are not. What they must mean is they want to take the social /cultural role of what they believe is to be that of the other sex………big difference…and in American culture…there is quite a bit of latitude to determine what social role you want to conform to…….

  • k m tyler

    Why did he/she involve a poor unsuspecting truckdriver. He/she traumatized someone else and made difficult on them and even though it wasn’t the fault of the truckdriver they will have to by law not drive for a period of time while the DOT investigates.

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